How To Decorate Your Rental Apartment


Bronx NYC-06Those who live in rental apartments can testify on the importance of decorating an apartment. It feels good to be in a house that is lively and this can only be achieved by good taste in décor. Bachelors have the tendency of having just what is necessary and nothing more. Well, there are several ways you can decorate your house without looking extravagant.

Flowers in a pot

The type of flower is left up to you to decide, because you know what you like. With that said, having plants or flowers in a pot is more decorative than having them in a vase. This will add a personal touch to your apartment, and people visiting will notice that you haven’t lost touch with nature even if you are living in an apartment. You can use just green plants or play around with different color schemes to accentuate your living space.

Customize your living space

When people hear the word décor, they immediately think of adding something to the apartment. Décor does not always mean bringing in new stuff, painting everything or buying expensive artifacts. Customizing your apartment is part of good décor. It starts with having furniture that is custom made according to you vision. You can have a pull-out couch, which by day it is a sofa and by night it is a bed to accommodate your guest. Don’t go for a standard table or TV stand.  Having them hand made to fit your unique style is one way to customize your space.

Try making statements

Don’t take this literally, but try doing it by bringing in something that stands out when someone steps into your house. Bronx apartments for rent  give you the opportunity to have a very beautiful home. This is where artifacts come in handy. However, don’t go picking all types of antiques to stuff into your house.  Just pick one or two that will be strategically placed, so they are noticed as soon as your guests enter the house . When a guest arrives, and goes straight to the antiques or comments about them, you will know that you have made a statement.

How about removing the vertical blinds

Leave the vertical blinds to places like a hospital. It is a good thing apartment in Bronx offer maximum privacy, because you no longer need those vertical blinds. If you feel that your windows look naked, then a sheer curtain could be a an alternative for decorating them. Sometimes open windows show a sense of freedom in you and people will also feel liberated when they step into your home.




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