Great Schools and the Best Park in the Bronx


Apartment for rent in Bronx near Schools and Parks.

You can’t believe everything you hear about New York City. Each neighborhood has its’ own flavor, which makes this city exciting to live in.  Also, each borough or neighborhood has a certain stigma and reputation that it may or may not live up to everyday. The Bronx is one of the most misunderstood area of the Big Apple that is actually a really wonderful place to live. To rent a luxury apartment in the Bronx is to have easy access to many great things, two of which are schools and parks. With a variety of schools and universities, there are wonderful opportunities to grow and learn. A bonus to living in the Bronx is that you have close access to the Bronx Park, which is one of the largest and best parks in all of New York.

Lots of Schools

Moving to the Bronx might be the best decision you make for you and your family. With dozens of academic institutions, there is plenty of learning to be done for those in every age group. From top universities like Fordham University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and a handful of others, you are sure to get a well-rounded college education. Plus, with many highly rated charter schools and academies, you can be sure that the kids will be learning what they need for the future as well.

Bronx Park: The Best Park

Living in the Bronx, you are sure to be near many parks. This borough offers more parks and outdoor space than most other parts of NYC. With a long list of park to choose from, Bronx Park is at the top of the list for best park in all of New York City. Known for its’ beautiful outdoor space and diverse wildlife, New Yorkers will cross the entire city just to spend the day in Bronx Park. Within the park there is a 2-mile stretch of river that really makes you feel like you are not in the city any longer. With a nice combination of floodplain, forest and red maple hardwoods growing along the riverbanks, this might just become your favorite outdoor spot in the city.

Bronx Park is most famous for being the home of the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden. Both being very well known places that are well worth visiting multiple times. Visitors of the park will easily be able to find something to entertain themselves. From the multiple playgrounds, miles of bicycle paths, basketball and tennis courts, and baseball, football and soccer fields, it is not likely, that you have a boring day at the park.

With so many amenities in one park, Bronx Park in itself, is one of the many reasons to move to the Bronx, in order to take advantage of all the outdoor fun that can be had within the city limits.

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