Overview of Living at Parkchester Apartments


Convenient apartments near Riverdale, Bronx

Not too far from Riverdale in the Bronx, you will find the wonderful Parkchester community. With all of the conveniences that you could ever want in the city and with the very valuable perk of having affordable housing. Here is a snapshot of what life is like living in these Riverdale, Bronx apartments.

Apartment Info

Having choices of  studios, one, two or three bedroom apartments makes living and growing your family in Parkchester apartments very possible. With over 6,000 apartments on property, people are constantly moving around making it possible to find the apartment size you are looking for. Plus, you will get more bang for your buck in the Bronx vs. living in Manhattan. You will find these apartments are  spacious and bright. Great windows throughout, even in the kitchens and bathrooms. You won’t have to worry about living in a tiny cave, like most overly priced apartments in Manhattan. There are modern appliances in the kitchen, so you don’t need to worry about it being an eyesore that you have to deal with every day.  http://www.parkchesternyc.com/

Onsite and Local Conveniences

With over 100 retail stores and multiple offices in the area, living in the city has never been more convenient. You will find Starbucks, a post office, and banks within walking distance of your apartment.  Making these daily errands convenient and more enjoyable. Also, onsite and/or nearby are many restaurants, medical facilities and retail stores. So you will still have a variety of choices to eat without having to be downtown.


Transportation is always one of the most potentially frustrating things about living in one of the world’s largest cities. Parkchester is so easy, because it has its own subway stop on the 6. It only takes 30 minutes to get down to Midtown. There is also the option to take the express bus into Manhattan, which has a lot less stops than a regular bus route. If you are going other places and want to hop in your car, there is direct access to 3 major highways. Connecting you with NJ and the rest of the state of New York.

Looking to get out of the wildly expensive Manhattan, yet still looking for all of the conveniences of living in the hub of the city? Well these apartments near Riverdale, Bronx are sure to be a nice fit for you and your family. With easy access to many amenities of daily life and apartments that are both spacious and bright, you can’t get a better deal in the NYC. Plus, only a 30 min. train ride into Midtown, makes moving to the Bronx very possible.




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