The Best Apartments in the Bronx, NY



Parkchester Apartments Bronx NYCParkchester is known for having the best apartments in the Bronx, NY , as well as, having the most convenient location that allows for easy access to some of NYC’s most well known attractions. The beautifully landscaped grounds, and the convenience of everyday life all play a factor in what makes these the best apartments in the Bronx.

Apartment Amenities

With a wide range of apartment options, residents with various budgets are able to afford to live at Parkchester. Many of the units include windowed kitchens and bathrooms, allowing light to infiltrate through the entire space. The Contemporary and Premier Collection apartments feature granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Updates have been done throughout all units in order to suit todays New Yorker lifestyles.

Parkchester Grounds

The Parkchester groundskeepers take pride in the condition of the outdoor space around the apartment complexes. Renting an apartment here, you would have access to 129 acres of manicured lawns and gardens. Featuring plenty of tall shade trees and open playing fields. There are tree-lined streets that flow from a central square in the middle of a complex that is home to an artistic stone fountain.

Springtime yields bright colors for the tulips that are generously planted throughout the grounds. The colorful reds and yellows make for a perfect way to welcome the changing of seasons.

Nearby Destinations

Nearby the Parkchester apartments in the Bronx, there are several attractions that are worth exploring. The Bronx Zoo attracts people from all over the country with its well-manicured gardens and variety of wildlife. Having close access to one of the best zoos in the United States is a huge plus for those living in the Bronx. For plant lovers there is also the Botanical Gardens to check-out. There are many different species of trees, shrubs and flowers to learn about. Cultural destinations, such as Arthur Avenue Little Italy, are also close in proximity.

Not only are there the nearby attractions, but there is also easy access to meet the nedds of your everyday life. The Parkchester neighborhood boasts its convenience to banks, grocery stores, coffee shops and plenty of restaurants. Another great perk about the convenience of living in this area of the Bronx is the nearby medical care. There are medical and dental offices right on the property, making fitting in your medical appointment as easy as possible.

Also, the neighborhood is famous for its excellent shopping, including the first Macy’s department store in NYC. Over 100 other retail shops include places like Carters, Children’s Place, Zales and so much more.




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