3 Education Options for Condo Residents in West Manhattan


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If you are a parent, moving involves more than just finding a suitable place to live, but also finding a school that will suit your elementary age students. Selecting a condo in Manhattan’s West side can be easier than expected when you know there are many different kinds of quality educational opportunities in the neighborhoods.

One: Formal Education

When moving into West Manhattan there is no shortage of resources. Many elementary schools are sprinkled throughout the neighborhoods of the West Side of Manhattan. Here is a list of 7 potential elementary schools to enroll your students in on the west side.

  1. Manhattan Nursery School
  2. Clearwater Academy
  3. William T. Harris School
  4. Sacred Heart School
  5. Family School West
  6. New York City Community School District 2 Region 9
  7. New York City Community Special Schools

Making the decision to move your family into a condo in West Manhattan doesn’t have to be the hardest decision you have ever made. With great condo housing options, and so many school choices to pick from, there is sure to be the right combination for you and your children. https://www.1westend.com/lifestyle/location/

Two: Outdoor Education

Just as students learn so much in the classroom, they also learn so much through exploration and activities outside of the classroom. One of the great things about living in New York City is having the opportunity to do both; the Hudson River and the Riverside Park border West Manhattan, providing plenty of outdoor space, playgrounds and opportunities for recreational activities right in the neighborhood.

Three: Cultural Education

The cultural aspects of raising a child in NYC are very diverse. Dozens of museums can be found throughout the city, and many internationally renowned museums are right near condos in West Manhattan, making frequent visits convenient and practical. Frequent visits allow your family to experience new exhibits that may be on display. This provides the most diverse and well-rounded cultural educational experience that you can have as a family.

When looking to move into a condo in West Manhattan, you won’t have to worry as much about the educational decisions you make for your elementary student. There are many great schools and plenty of opportunities for students learn and grow. From formal, outdoor or cultural education, students can grow and learn any day of the week. This should give you some peace of mind, as a parent, to just focus on finding the right type of condo for your family to move into.




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