4 Ways Midtown West Apartments Are Promoting Green Living



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Living in one of the main hot spots of the US, gives residents a whole new perspective on exactly how many resources it takes to keep New York City running smoothly. Because of the heavy use of resources, apartments in Midtown West are coming up with ways in which they can help promote green living in their building to help minimize the negative impact that using natural resources has on our environment.


  1. Minimizing Waste

In an effort to minimize the billions of pounds worth of trash that goes into landfills each year from New York City, apartments in Midtown West have taken on an extensive recycling program within their buildings. By encouraging residents to recycle, and providing the necessary receptacles, they seek to reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that come from the decay of products in landfills. Things like glass, plastic and tin don’t break down naturally back into the earth, therefore they continue to take up space in landfills, when they could be recycled and reused for more productive purposes.


  1. Minimizing Indoor Pollutants

One way to promote green living is by providing healthier apartments for their residents. By using environmentally-friendly adhesive, paints, carpeting and sealants in the construction of the entire building, these newly constructed Midtown West Apartments are minimizing the amount of toxic fumes that can get trapped indoors. Ultimately, this leaves the indoor air healthier for the residents of these buildings.


  1. Reduce Greenhouse Gases

The majority of greenhouse gasses are produced through the use of transportation. Getting around is a natural part of life, and for those in New York City it is easy to use public transportation, saving time and money when compared to using your own vehicle. One way that apartment buildings are assisting in the reduction of greenhouse gases is by providing bicycle storage, and parking for residents to encourage the use of alternative transportation.


  1. Increasing Natural Lighting

One of the best ways to cut down on energy usage for green living is by reducing the amount of electricity used each day. The newly constructed apartments at the Mercedes House offer units with large windows, allowing natural sunlight to permeate throughout the apartment. Making it unnecessary for residents to use indoor lighting during daylight hours. http://www.mercedeshouseny.com/green-living




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