5 Amazing Filming Locations used in “The Bronx Warriors” Movie


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1990: The Bronx Warriors movie, a 1982 Italian Science fiction film focuses on the Bronx, New York City rival gangs and a young heiress who runs off into the lawless city of the wasteland of Bronx. The film assumes the Bronx area to be officially unstable with no infringement of law and order over the zone. The film is primarily focused around a 17 year old girl who escapes from the fear of being treated as a puppet by her Arms Manufacturing company. The film boasts a number of locations shot in  or around New York City and Rome. Though the film takes place in the Bronx borough of New York, more than 50% of the filming was done in Rome. The movie depicts the real life, dilapidated conditions of the Bronx borough in the 1970s.It was an up and coming neighborhood in New York in the 1970s. The post-apocalyptic condition of the Bronx in the movies strikes a glaring resemblance of the borough with the isolated buildings and streets in the period.

An Italian movie progressed by the New York City ghettoes

The shooting for the movie, ‘1990: The Bronx Warriors’ took place in several New York City locations. Some of the popular locations are as follows:

  • Bronx, New York City- Because of the central plot primarily focused on Bronx, several of the apartments depicted in the movie have a striking resemblance to the Parkchester Apartment for rent in Bronx NY.
  • Brooklyn, New York City- Most of the film locations were done in Brooklyn though they are said to have taken place in Bronx.
  • Plymouth street, New York and
  • South Point Park, Roosevelt Island, New York City.
  • Since the film was predominantly Italian, most of the shooting for the film took place in Rome, with interiors shot in the city and the outdoors portraying the sceneries in New York and Bronx area.

With the film showcasing the rival of gangs in the Bronx area, it had conspicuous influence from quite a few movies such as ‘Warriors’, ‘Mad Max’, ’Exterminator’, ‘Class of 1984’ and ‘Escape from New York’ filmed during the era. Though the movie received largely negative criticism, it has a loyal band of followers . It is largely praised for its witticism, and the articulate dialogues of the lead actor.




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