Homes for Rent in Amityville, NY


Spilling across the Southern State Parkway on Long Island, the CDP of North Amityville might be better known to some as that place where a Hollywood horror movie took place.  To others it’s a sweet little parcel of land with affordable housing (for New York), relatively low crime rate, and a commuter lifestyle. Head to the water and enjoy a scenic summer day by the pier catching fish or explore the considerable colonial history.

So Much Room For Activities

With seasonal crowds come enticing recreational opportunities. North Amityville has all sorts of options for you outdoorsy types, with more parks, athletic fields, playgrounds, beaches and boat launches one can shake a stick, paddle or umbrella at; there’s absolutely something for everyone. If you’re more the antisocial hermit type, there are quiet museums and food delivery services. You might even find apartments for rent in North Amityville with utilities included.

There is info that we all need to know.  If it’s all sounding too good to be true, there are some limitations and a few essential words of caution.

Number one: you’re gonna need a car. Yes, there is a public bus operated by Suffolk County Transit, and if you travel a bit you can jump on the Long Island Railroad Service, but the automobile is king, so come prepared.

Number two: pack for all seasons, all possibilities — humidity is a thing here and snowbanks happen.

Number three: Cost of living here is higher than the rest of the country.