How To Find A Cost Effective Rental Apartment For A Family Of Four


rental apartments hudson river views

When searching for rental apartments with Hudson river views, there are many elements you should consider before deciding that something is the right property, or perfect for you and your family of four.

New York is indeed a family-friendly city, with many options for expatriates. While there are no particular places in the city which can be considered “better” or “worse” for family life, there are certain things you can look out for when renting a place.

Those elements will save you much needed dollars in your pocket and make sure you live a cost-effective, quality life.


Of course, location is one of the most important elements when looking for a rental apartment which will save you money. If you’re moving to New York for work, there are two things to keep in mind: a) apartments get cheaper the further you are from the centre , and b) living closer to your office means less time and money wasted on travel / gas.

So being closer to your office will obviously save you money, but you must keep in mind, with a family of four, kids must go to school, and having a school nearby will save you money also, as well as, make sure your kids are safe.

Heating and insulation

Doors, windows, thermal insulation in the walls. Those things will save you money, and they will save you big money. With global warming taking its toll and temperatures dropping fiercely during the winter, having quality windows, doors and thermal insulation will help you minimise the cost of heating, thus save you money. Don’t underestimate the power of a harsh winter.

Size and room number

Room number means a lot, and the size of those rooms means a lot, as well. Having less rooms might mean less personal space, but if you’re looking to be cost efficient, shrinking the number of rooms just might be the best solution. Less rooms means less heaters, less lighting and less windows, as well as, less corners to clean and less furniture to maintain. All of this means having a bigger apartment with less rooms might be more cost efficient than having a smaller apartment with more rooms.


The position of the apartment will also play an important role. Are you on the highest floor, or the lowest? How many walls do you share with other apartments, and how many are exterior walls?

Being on the lowest floor means there is no heat coming from underneath, and if you have a couple of exterior walls, you can’t count on those to save you money on heating. So try to position yourself somewhere in the middle – to have someone below you, as well as above, and on as many sides as possible. You will benefit from their spending and it will put money back in your pocket.