4 NYC Rental Apartment Listings


NYC rental apartment listings

Trusted Listings to Help You Find the Best Apartment

Are you looking for a new place to stay in New York? Or, are you in the middle of NYC apartment hunting? If so, you should get professional help to save you time, money and energy in dealing with the technical details of hunting and renting an apartment. The following are 4 websites, among many, NYC rental apartment listings you can trust to find the best apartment to fit your needs.

  • Renthop – This website uses the HopScore system to identify and encourage accurate listings and ethical behavior among real estate professionals. A high HopScore would mean that the apartment has good value, up-to-date information, and a landlord with speedy response times. This kind of apartment would be appealing to renters. The majority of RentHop’s no-fee listings are in Manhattan. They also have selections in Brooklyn and Queens, as well.
  • FirstService – This real estate listing company provides high quality brokerage and rental management services, while maximizing occupancy, value and savings. Their team consists of professional, experienced, licensed sales and leasing experts who know NYC by heart. They can help you find your dream apartment that meets your needs and budget. They have a wide variety to choose from in NYC downtown, midtown, Brooklyn, Queens, Connecticut, Upper Manhattan, Upper East and Upper West Side. They also offer no-fee listings that you may find appealing. Check it out at Firstservicenyc.com.
  • NakedApartments – This website has so many options, even tight-budget people can find a perfect place to stay in NYC. They offer no-fee listings,  many of them located in Brooklyn and Queens. They’ve verified the brokers’ licensing information and banned those who post inaccurate or bait-and-switch listings. To make searching easier, they group duplicate listings all in one place. That allows you to select which broker to contact based on reviews from former clients and compare apartment descriptions. You can also find out about the broker response time and fees if any.
  • NYBits –  This site is a classic option that is popular for its no-fee listings. They mainly provide listings of apartments in Manhattan’s neighborhood, but you can search in the outer boroughs from the “neighborhoods” feature as well. They publish addresses for every listing to help cut down on duplicates. Sometimes, they also enforce expiration dates for listings to ensure that they aren’t being used as a bait and switch.