Near Dumbo Brooklyn apartments for rent or for sale options: Mercedes House.


Yes pals, this apartment building is absolutely awesome and that´s why I´m writing this review. I really think it´s worth it .

Considered by most architects as one of  New York´s most important residential development in years.  A 30 story luxury apartment building near Dumbo Brooklyn (i recently review this other cool apartments building in Dumbo here)  with amazing landscapes and views of Clinton Park and the Hudson River. It is modern, refined, and elegant.  Everything in it cries out excellence, and people choose to live here ’cause it is, undoubtedly, the best place to live.

I remember visiting this building, as my best friend lives at Mercedes House. I think it was the first time in my whole life I REALLY envied someone.  She was really lucky to find an apartment available here and I can´t stress how much we enjoyed it! We spent a vast majority of our time making use of it´s incredible amenities.

You can read a lot about Mercedes Club in specialized magazines, and once you visit it you will see why. Mercedes Club is absolutely fabulous and puts only the BEST at your fingertips.

The indoor Olympic Swimming Pool is absolutely the best, not even the best fitness clubs come with such a majestic pool.  It is very different from typical residential pools that you will find in other luxury homes in Hell´s Kitchen, Dumbo or surrounding neighborhoods.

Residents enjoy it daily and non- residents too! (ME!J)

Ready for some exercise? Put on your favorite workout gear and start your day full of energy and enthusiasm! Make use of its superb fitness center and you won’t need the Titanic to make you feel like you are King of the world. Even better, if you use it often enough, you will probably meet someone like Leo Di Caprio at some point.

dumbo brooklyn apartments

Laundry Room and other amenities.

Yes, women! (and… a few men, just a few!) We are rid of that cheap Chinese generic “cloth-struggling” machine. No more thinking about washing our clothes (that terrible duty).  Leave it to the Washer-Dryer, save time and spend it with your kids , husband or Netflix! Everybody deserves one clean T-Shirt a day… even your husband.

You will also save hundreds of $$$, depending on how many clothes you have. If you are a typical shopaholic woman like me,  i´m pretty sure you will save enough money to upgrade to one of those amazing 4k tvs.   And, if you have plans to go for a 70″ one, don´t even consider taking your clothes to Times One Cleaners. Don´t worry, the laundry at Mercedes House includes quality and quantity enough in terms of technology.


Romantic corner

Received a letter from your secret lover? Put a ring on him: he´s golden. Only a few guys send something other than a stupid Wassup  sticker. Now you need a discrete, safe place to meet him… without extra eyes, but near a security guard just in case your FB pal was actually a Psycho.

Don´t worry! Mercedes House thinks of everything! Yes, that too! It will be held at the package room until you go and pick it up! But don´t tell anyone! If your friend is at least 20% as sweet as his public profile, and doesn’t look much different than the photo-shopped pictures he sent you, maybe you want to go to the next step. You can have your first date at Casellula, a nearby cheese and wine cafe’, and have a splendid time! How splendid will depend on the choice of wine you make at Casellula.

A safe place

A helpful, charming, nice and polite doorman will be there for you 24/7! Personnel at Mercedes House are absolutely fabulous, so enjoy your stay to the maximum and relax! Don´t forget to tip him often if you usually arrive with 5-gallon bottles.

Pet Friendly apartments

Own a cat? A dog? A rabbit? An anaconda? Ok, not sure if “Jill the Anaconda” will be welcomed, but you can try with your other 4 legs friends. Definitely, you can take your pets and they will be welcomed! Mercedes House knows they are part of the family, so they will be received with great fanfare! Just be sure to walk your dogs and feed your cats often to avoid pets from getting bored and annoying.

An smart apartments building.

Don´t think about using the stairs again, forget about your old building and enjoy modernity to its finest! Fast, spacious elevators will take you right where you wanna go!
Enjoy its amazing courtyard…breathe fresh air! Go for a walk, tan your white face and fulfill your life! Think green!
Don´t know where to keep your precious old (but still usable) all terrain bike? No problem! Mercedes House will keep it safe and secure in its Bike Storage and it will be grateful for never sleeping outside again! So come on! Put your helmet on and go ride your bike in Hell´s Kitchen Park! You´ll love it!
After this wonderful review do you still have doubts that this is for sure the best building in Manhattan? It is worth its value in such an awesome neighborhood as Hell Kitchen (imagine turning into some kind of Elektra at night and meeting with Daredevil, ha!) Modern and luxurious, people who have lived here really loved this place!! It´s full of life and energy and is worth every dollar you pay for it. If some day you see one of the units for sale, go for it. You will never regret it.
It´s strategically located near the coolest restaurants and shops like Gem Mine or The Flea Market! So if you want to embrace a lifestyle, just go for Mercedes House! IMHO the best of the best!
See you at my next blog!



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