Famous Movies That Take Place Near Apartments in the Bronx


Apartments in the Bronx Seen in Movies

There are so many movies and TV shows that are based in NYC, most of these shows use Manhattan as the backdrop. Did you know that the Bronx has been used in movie sets throughout the years as well? Take a look at the long list of movies that feature scenes based here. People who live in apartments for rent in the Bronx may recognize some of these locations.

Rumble in the Bronx

This full-length feature film, starring Jackie Chan, uses the Bronx not only as the setting for the movie, but also in the title. The funny thing about this 1995 action/ thriller movie is that none of it was actually filmed in the Bronx…but in Canada.

A Bronx Tale

This film, also named after the Bronx, was actually all shot in NYC, however, one scene was taken in the Fordham neighborhood of the Bronx borough.  There you will see many apartments for rent in the Bronx as the backdrop of the scene.

The Bronx Warrior

This 1990 Italian film is a sci-fi/action movie named and based in the main character’s apartment in the Bronx, NYC. It is focused on a young lady who is to inherit a prosporeous manufacturing company her family owns in Manhattan.   She has issues with the way the company is run and how people are treated, so she is trying to deal with her guilt of inheriting such a company. The plot thickens as she comes across some unexpected characters just before her 18th birthday.

The Bronx Zoo

Though this may not be a movie, it is a TV series started in 1987. This drama that lasted two seasons, showed the challenges of having an unmotivated staff.   While the main character tries to maintain a positive environment and hope for things to change, he struggles with the lack of gusto he receives from his closest co-workers.

These are four examples of movies or TV shows that have been based near apartments in Bronx. Though this list is not exhaustive, it communicates a variety of media genres that find the backdrop of their story to fit best with the look, culture and environment the Bronx has to offer.