Not just “luxury” but 3 ULTRA luxury Manhattan apartments you must see!

3 Ultra Luxury Apartments in Manhattan

Maybe this guy is the real estate agent you need to find your ultra luxury apartment in Manhattan!


In this post we are going to look at three ultra luxury apartment buildings in Manhattan that will make you feel like your average luxury apartment is actually a below average place to live. Here I will highlight these buildings to give you a feel for what an ULTRA luxury residence looks like and the type of amenities that it offers.

Mercedes House

First off, is what is known as the Mercedes House. Located on West 54th in Manhattan, you can view this uniquely shaped building from far away. The architecture of this building adds to the great NYC showcase of intelligent design. Inside the Mercedes House is a large lap pool, game room and fitness club. This building was designed with the idea of getting lots of natural sunlight. So you will find plenty of high-class outdoor space and floor-to-ceiling windows in each direction.

One West End

One West End is a great combination of both amenities and service. Working together to make life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This is a luxury apartment with concierge and a renown 12,000 sqft rooftop deck. You’ll even find a large formal dining room that you can rent out and hire a private chef to host parties with your family and friends. This keeps the mess out of your kitchen, and you get the chance to have a stress-free, worry-free dinner party with the ones you like most.

Silver Towers

Silver Towers takes the cake for ultra luxury apartment living in NYC. They feature amazing services for their residents, including a health club and spa, shuttles, 24 hour concierge services, parking and private roof space. O could go pn and on about the amenities at Silver Towers. This is a highly sophisticated building with culture and includes a roof top lounge and bar.   Being in a prime location, you can easily make it to many luxury shops in NYC within just a few blocks. If you were impressed reading about the first two ultra luxury apartment buildings, then you will be over the moon impressed with Silver Towers since it includes all of the things listed above and more. This is a fantastic NYC apartment with a pool and pet-friendly facilities.