5 reasons it´s hard to find good available apartments in Manhattan


Finding a good available apartment is kind of difficult but finding a good available apartment IN Manhattan, is almost impossible!

available apartments in manhattan

available apartments in manhattan

I went through this stressful experience a few years ago when I decided to move from New Jersey to the Big Apple. Believe me, I learned a lot about it. So I´m going to reveal my most precious secret so you don´t have to go through the same thing I did (yes I know, I´m unique J)

What happens when you are looking for an available apartment in Manhattan? Thousands of other people are looking for it too! Maybe you get lucky, and find it right away.  Best of all, at an incredible price, but I´m afraid to say that those things don´t happen IRL!
Ok, so you just found the apartment of your dreams.  You called to see if it’s available, and you get answer you´ve been waiting to hear for so long: “yes it is!”

You are really excited, full of adrenaline, until you think for a while and…FACEPALM, you think: “How did I miss asking its price!!!”. When you find out the price (you´d prefer not to hear it) you suddenly cry out: “BUT THAT´S TOO DAMN HIGH!! I CAN´T AFFORD THAT PRICE, EVEN IF I ROBBED A BANK!!” Oops! Anyway, if you get that frustrated feeling that you can´t afford nice apartments or that you always come late and another B #@% rents the apartment of your dreams, don´t give up and read these tips!

1. Create Google Alerts- Google is a good pal and will never fail u!

Want to rent an apartment in a particular neighborhood? Ask Google to let you know immediately when one is available! And if the alert sounds in the middle of an important business meeting, GET OUT! And go for it! It could be your last chance! I.e. “available apartment Manhattan“, “empire state building view apartments for rent” or “luxurious apartment rentals in Manhattan” may be good google alerts you can set here: https://www.google.com/alerts and you can get alerts in your email any time an available apartment is updated on a website like this: http://onesixtymadison.com/availability.php

2. Use the classic Newspaper-Ancient??? BUT EFFECTIVE!

Always keep your daily newspaper under your arm just like in the old days! You can find publications of apartments you won´t find on the internet, and it will keep you updated with the latest news!

3. Ask your friends!!- They´ll do anything for you!!

Love the building where your best friend is living right now, but there´s no chance you can move in together? Ask him to alert you as soon as an apartment is available! Even if he has to knock on his neighbors door to ask, I´m sure he´ll do that for you….and more!

4. Offer a Real Estate independent Agent an extra fee- Juicy temptation

Come on! Be honest! Who doesn´t like to get some extra cash??? Need a nice affordable apartment? Ok, offer a Real Estate Independent Agent an extra fee and I´m sure he´ll be eager to find that apartment that suits your needs…in minutes!

5. Browse the web-Specialized Real Estate Agents are waiting for you!

The internet can help you out with anything you need, well not anything, but with ALMOST ANYTHING you need, so take advantage of it. There are specialized Real Estate websites where you will be able to search for your ideal apartment according to its price, location, number of bedrooms, etc! So come on! Don´t get left behind and start now !

So I have just revealed my best kept secret!!! I hope you make good use of it and go rule the Real Estate world!!

Good luck!