Why I prefer NYC apartments with children’s playroom.

NYC apartments with children´s playroom

NYC apartments with children´s playroom

As a mom, I always knew about the importance of living in an apartment with a playroom. If you have little kids, you understand how desperate we can become thinking they can get hurt, play with our stuff or leave our house upside down!

Fortunately, some time ago, I decided to search for NYC apartments with children´s playroom and I found one which really changed my life and my children´s.

I also found a Manhattan luxury studio apartment and a New York City residential apartment but neither of them met the necessary requirements as their recreation areas were not so good.

Imagine living in the apartment of your dreams in a beautiful city like New York, having your own space for your child.
You can relax knowing they are having a great time in a very comfortable place just steps from your home!
New York City is amazing, beautiful, and fun,  but kids often get stressed in cities like this one where they can´t find their own space.
We must be very sure when we choose a place to live because it´s where we are going to spend the rest of our life.
Here are five reasons why I definitely think apartments in New York should have their own play room:
1.   Your children will be happy playing in a safe place.
You can relax knowing your little child is  safe and sound. Play rooms in apartment buildings are specially designed for kids and its goal is to ensure they have a great time!
2.   You´ll enjoy some privacy.
Yes! Enjoy your privacy, at least for a few minutes! You really deserve it. You are a dedicated mom who loves to go shopping, watch tv or simply take a nap…this is your time, so take advantage of it!
3.   They will waste energy in a productive way.
What´s best about this? Your kids will be exhausted after a few hours of pure fun. This is an incredible way of burning energy doing things they love. Besides, play rooms put kids’ mind to work in a very comfy and safe environment.
4.   They will be able to interact with other kids while having fun.
It´s always good to make new friends, to play, to learn to share toys and play together. Your shild will have the chance to get to know new little kids and maybe, who knows, turn them into their best friends!
5.   This place is just a few steps away from your home.
The perfect place just a few steps from your apartment!, no need to drive, no need to get out of the building. It’s winter? No problem! Your children will always stay close to you doing what they like to do most: have fun!

This is just a humble opinion from a “desperate mom” who found the gates of heaven when moving to an apartment in New York with a playroom for our little ones.

Seeing them enjoy laughing, being entertained, interacting with other kids and most of all just HAPPY, makes me feel that moving to this apartment was definitely the best decision I´ve ever made.