Is it worth to choose an apartment for rent with swimming pool in NY?


Apartment for rent with swimming pool in NY



Are you planning to move to an apartment for rent with a swimming pool in NYC? Have you comsidered the pros and cons? Maybe you think having a pool at your building would be awesome, and in a certain way it is.

The problem comes when you have to pay the bill.  As you know, renting apartments with this kind of amenity makes a difference. Luxury apartments are based on amenities, and even if you ignore them, you have to pay its cost and additional charges. So, if you want to rent  these kind of apartments, you better make good use of it!

Now let´s analyze the pros and cons of renting an apartment with a swimming pool, so at the end you can decide which apartment you would like to choose.

According to you can find your apartment for rent starting from $1500/mo, but if you include all of the amenities, it can climb to $1995/mo. Maybe the cost is not a big deal for you, and there are also pros you can take into account. For example, having the chance to enjoy a swimming pool in the summer, when the heat is unbearable, or when the only thing you want to do is get a tan and relax! Kids will also love it! They will have fun and enjoy it even more than you do! So this is perfect! A swimming pool in New York is like an oasis in the middle of the desert!

If the building has an indoor swimming pool, it´s also a pleasure! Getting into the water and swimming while it´s freezing outside is a must! So in both cases a swimming pool is most enjoyable.

Although a swimming pool is a great place for recreation, there is an important con we shouldn´t ignore. Pools are potentially dangerous for kids, the risk of drowning exists, and we must be totally aware every time they are in the water, keeping a strict eye on them!

Another pro is that if you have a pool, you can plan a party with friends, be popular, spend quality time together, and socialize with drinks and a delicious barbecue!

But yet another con… Your friends will always want to party at your pool.  Don’t fool yourself, being the host all the time can be kind of stressful!

Renting an apartment with a swimming pool is a pro for people who love luxury and relaxing, but it’s a con to pay for its maintenance! It´s crystal- clear water should last over time, and someone must clean, vacuum, skim and chlorinate it regularly.

So when it comes to thinking about whether or not it´s a good idea to rent an apartment with a pool, you should consider its pros and cons and maybe you can think about renting an apartment with rooftop terrace in New York City instead!

My advice, whether you choose this amenity or not, search for no fee rentals near Bryant Park, this is a beautiful place to live and will make the difference!

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