Apartments for rent with roof terrace NYC: five advantages.


New York City is amazing, the perfect place to live where every dream is possible. It´s full of excitement, luxury and charm, we all deserve to live in a City like New York!

Apartments for rent with roof terrace

Living in beautiful apartments is something we always look forward to, and before renting, we usually spend a lot of time searching for the perfect one. Once we find it, we try to figure out our life in those residences.

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned the five best apartments in NYC in NoMad :, now I´d like to mention 5 apartments with a roof terrace and why it is a must to rent them!

Finding an apartment for rent with a roof terrace in NYC is something we should take into account, as it has several advantages we will now analyze in this post.

  1. Create your own private garden:

An apartment with a roof terrace gives us many options and ideas we can explore to make the best of them. For example, if we have exclusive use of it, we can create and decorate our own garden.

Many people who live in an apartment with a roof terrace, choose to buy artificial grass (which looks great), plant flowers and decorate it just as if it were a garden at a house!

Having our green space in the middle of the city is a must! An escape we should all appreciate and take advantage of if we have the chance.


  1. Build a wooden deck.

Wood always looks great, and in this instance, where you can make your own private space, it won´t be the exception!

Use your deck for sunbathing, gathering together with friends and preparing some drinks.  You can also install a small bar, in a closed space, and use this rooftop as your place of serenity while enjoying magnificent views.


  1. A swimming pool is a must!

Again, if you have private access to the rooftop, you can install a swimming pool specially designed for rooftops. You can even buy a pool which you will be able to install and uninstall easily whenever you want to. Imagine having the chance to use this pool in the summer months when the heat is unbearable! This is priceless, so take it into account! You´ve got a roof terrace in NYC, come on!


  1. Barbecues all year long!

Even if the rooftop in your apartment is shared, you can make use of all its advantages along with the rest of its residents. Luxury apartments usually make good use of them and most of the apartments usually come with a gorgeous barbecue, where you can prepare and enjoy a delicious meal.

So start planning your next bbq with friends and don´t forget to make your reservation!


  1. Plan your private party!

Rooftops are ideal for meeting friends, and having fun while enjoying unique views. Plan your birthday, celebrate a graduation, or simply just because!

Yes! There´s always time to spend a wonderful time with the people we love. Prepare some cocktails, buy some sushi, put the best music on and forget the world!




Still doubting if you want to search for an apartment for rent with a roof terrace? I don´t think so!

After you read this article, I guess you are now googling to see if you can find yours! Good job!