The Flatiron District NY- a smart choice for renting a luxury apartment.


rent a luxury apartment around the Flatiron District
Want to move but haven´t yet decided to where? Have you heard about Flatiron District? This is a place that has become a top location where more and more people are choosing to live.

Find an apartment to rent in Flatiron District New York, and you won´t regret it!

Flatiron District is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is generally bounded by 20th Street, to the South Union Square and Greenwich Village, Six Avenue and Chelsea to the West and NoMad and 25th Street to the North. Gramercy Park would be the boundary to the east.

It is one of the city´s busiest neighborhoods, most of all along 5th Avenue and Park Avenue South.

Now I´ll give you a fact you will love!! Do you know how it got the nick-name Ladies´ Mile? It’s referred to Ladies´ Mile because of the fashionable row of department stores where ladies used to shop! Still nowadays, women love this location, it´s full of designer boutiques, photography studios, and model agencies. This is without a doubt the top location in Manhattan, and if you search for a Flatiron District apartment to rent you will fall in love with this place immediately!

The beautiful Madison Square Park is the heart of Flatiron District, with its green trees, bushes and nature.  You will be able to enjoy a relaxing walk through the park while breathing fresh air.

Also, enjoy concerts and local events organized in this area.  This area is visited by millions of tourists each year.

Taste the fine dining of New York City at restaurants such as Eleven-Madison Park, which ranks third on a 2016 list of the top 50 restaurants of the world! Or visit Gramercy Tavern, an expert in local ingredients you will love to try!

Love architecture? You can visit the most outstanding and iconic buildings, such as the Flatiron Building, known for its triangular shape, only six feet wide at its rounded narrow end.

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower is another interesting building to see.  This 700 feet tower has a clock with four faces, each of them three stories high and their minute hands weigh half a ton each!

Museum of Mathematics in New York City

The National Museum of Mathematics or MoMath is a museum dedicated to mathematics in Manhattan, New York City.


The MoMath (Museum of Mathematics) is the only cultural institution devoted to math in all of North America!

It is a great place for kids, where they will learn while having fun! So don´t worry if your little one is not a math lover, in this museum he will be amused!

Ok, so I believe, after reading all this info you are seriously considering to rent a luxury apartment around the Flatiron District! This is a wonderful place, not only to visit and do business, but also to call home!

So I’ve done a little research, and selected  a few apartments to rent in this neighborhood so you can get an idea of how much it costs.

Figure that a studio in the Flatiron District  averages around $3200/mo., a one bedroom apartment: $4000/mo., and a two bed apartment: $6200.

Now you know how cool it is to rent an apartment in this District.       It´s one of the most beautiful places in New York, and remember that if you decide to start a new life here, you will always have time to realx, and enjoy living like royalty!

“It’s a three-way tie. The architecture. The vibe. The food.”

(When asked about his favorite thing about the Flatiron District)

Marc Glosserman
Founder & CEO Hill Country Hospitality + local resident