Luxury apartments Bergen County, Fort Lee.



Imagine living at the second most expensive residence in Bergen County, a $35 million house which features 25 rooms on a 46-Acre horse ranch in Mahwah. Wouldn´t it be a real dream come true?

This residence is absolutely beautiful and amazing. It comes with a   soccer field, basketball court, indoor and outdoor pools, spas, home theatre and sooo much more!

This 10 bedroom, 10 bath River Oak Farm estate is listed with Special Properties.  Sporting a 20-stall stable, riding arena paddocks and private trails, even its horses live in luxury (in my next life I want to be a horse!).

But who´s the lucky owner?

The property is owned by the ex- wife of Larry Robbins, a billionaire hedge fund manager and former Alpine resident.

Take a look!


But let´s come back to reality.  It´s nice to talk about utopias, I don´t know about you, but at least in my case I can´t afford a 35 million dollar residence (Although I wish I could)!  Don´t fall into despair, I´ve got a solution that, for sure, will change your way of seeing luxury residences! And the best of all, you will be able to afford them!

Forget about a huge house and figure out an apartment. Not just any apartment, but a luxury one in the most important and amazing building in New Jersey.

Fort Lee rentals awaits you at The Modern, located at 800 Park Avenue, NJ!

This building sets the standard for true luxury living, where you can find Bergen county apartments like you’ve always imagined and dreamed of.

The Modern is a stunning 47- story iconic glass tower which combines the best quality style with amazing amenities.

What´s the best thing about living in an apartment?

Its breathtaking views which will make you want to stay for good, appreciating the Hudson River and the New York City Skyline. That´s something a house cannot give to you, so this is a plus you should take into account.

Built to the highest quality standards, using sustainable materials, The Modern features floor to ceiling windows, bike storage, 24 hour doorman/ concierge, wifi in all common areas, Led lighting and On-site management.

And of course, it also comes with a huge swimming pool, a spa, a basketball court and an advanced golf simulator. What else do you need?

Even if you don´t have the swimming pool to yourself, you can share it with other residents and still that would be great!

Spend time with your friends in the lounge areas.  Adjourn to the outdoor movie theatre, play volleyball, ping pong or whatever sports you prefer!!

You don´t need to buy a millionaire dollar house to live life to the fullest! The Modern offers you a world of luxury options for you to enjoy at affordable prices!

Buildings are also much safer than houses. You live in a community and can get help whenever you need it!

Prepare a delicious BBQ., or take your kids to have fun at their huge playroom!

So, what are you waiting for? There are luxury apartments in Bergen County which has so much to offer!

The Modern gives you the chance to make each and every dream come true, without needing to rent an expensive residence!

Experience the thrill of living like royalty without wasting your money.

Come and visit The Modern, and treat yourself like you deserve!