Green Luxury Apartments in NYC

Green Luxury Apartments in NYC

Going green is more than a trend. It’s a way of life. And it is being embraced in green-living apartment rentals in NYC. Apartment buildings throughout Manhattan are taking sustainability very seriously, from the ground up. New construction projects are popping up with environmentally friendly materials and amenities that allow residents to reduce their carbon footprint. Here are a few ideas of what you may see in a green luxury apartment in NYC or things that you can add to your apartment that will help support the environment.

  1. Efficient Showerhead

Get a high-efficiency showerhead, and save up to 3000 gallons of water each and every year. This will save you about $50 on your energy bill, as well a,s minimize your carbon dioxide output by 1000 pounds each year. These showerheads are engineered to conserve water while still giving you that luxurious shower. There are also attachments for sink faucets that help reduce the amount of water used while at the sink.

  1. High-Efficiency Appliances

There is no need to cut out appliances in order to do your part in the green-living community. On the market today, there are high-efficiency appliances that are convenient for you, aand don’t use up much energy. When looking to purchase appliances look for the Energy Star or LEED label. These show that that specific appliance has been tested to be highly-efficient in using a minimal amount of resources.

  1. Rid Yourself of a Car

The US is responsible for a large percentage of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to burning petroleum (which is in the gas we use to run our vehicles). One of the advantages of living in NYC is the easily accessible public transportation. A car isn’t necessary when living in the city. Plus, public transit system is a far cheaper option for travel throughout the city. By getting rid of your car, and just using a rental when you need to get out  of the city, you will save yourself huge amounts of money as well as reduce your carbon footprint.





How To Find A Cost Effective Rental Apartment For A Family Of Four

rental apartments hudson river views

When searching for rental apartments with Hudson river views, there are many elements you should consider before deciding that something is the right property, or perfect for you and your family of four.

New York is indeed a family-friendly city, with many options for expatriates. While there are no particular places in the city which can be considered “better” or “worse” for family life, there are certain things you can look out for when renting a place.

Those elements will save you much needed dollars in your pocket and make sure you live a cost-effective, quality life.


Of course, location is one of the most important elements when looking for a rental apartment which will save you money. If you’re moving to New York for work, there are two things to keep in mind: a) apartments get cheaper the further you are from the centre , and b) living closer to your office means less time and money wasted on travel / gas.

So being closer to your office will obviously save you money, but you must keep in mind, with a family of four, kids must go to school, and having a school nearby will save you money also, as well as, make sure your kids are safe.

Heating and insulation

Doors, windows, thermal insulation in the walls. Those things will save you money, and they will save you big money. With global warming taking its toll and temperatures dropping fiercely during the winter, having quality windows, doors and thermal insulation will help you minimise the cost of heating, thus save you money. Don’t underestimate the power of a harsh winter.

Size and room number

Room number means a lot, and the size of those rooms means a lot, as well. Having less rooms might mean less personal space, but if you’re looking to be cost efficient, shrinking the number of rooms just might be the best solution. Less rooms means less heaters, less lighting and less windows, as well as, less corners to clean and less furniture to maintain. All of this means having a bigger apartment with less rooms might be more cost efficient than having a smaller apartment with more rooms.


The position of the apartment will also play an important role. Are you on the highest floor, or the lowest? How many walls do you share with other apartments, and how many are exterior walls?

Being on the lowest floor means there is no heat coming from underneath, and if you have a couple of exterior walls, you can’t count on those to save you money on heating. So try to position yourself somewhere in the middle – to have someone below you, as well as above, and on as many sides as possible. You will benefit from their spending and it will put money back in your pocket.




3 High Quality Apartments You Must See In Uptown Or Midtown Manhattan

high-quality apartments Uptown and Midtown Manhattan

Everybody prefers to live in modern apartments, more than the usual ones, it’s quite common. They dream of living in a luxury house, with more amenities.  To fulfill this dream, we prefer something extra, something to make it unique, so high quality apartments are available.  For enhancing our standard of living a life of luxury, these “extras” play an important role. They are readily available to make our task simple, so we can rent them. They are available  for a wide range of prices based on our convenience, so choose them, based on your affordability. But here we are going to see apartments, in a popular area of New York City, high-quality apartments Uptown and Midtown Manhattan, which is more unique in its features. Apartments in this area are known for their innovative and creative work.

3 High Quality Apartments

High quality apartments are not easy to build, since it involves more processes. To make it different from the ordinary ones, additional features are added to it. Here we are going to see 3 apartments with the best features.

The first one is 240 Central Park South, with more distinct features. I love this apartment because pets are allowed. This is not common in the majority of the apartments. Also, they provide laundry service, which is an added advantage for us. For our convenience, elevators also available, and private terraces are available too.

Second is Gramercy Court,  located at 152 East 22nd Street, this is among the high quality buildings because of its unique features. It was built with more amenities in it, although we prefer them for improving our standards. The outside look is more stylish, to attract visitors, and the interior is more amazing also. With fantastic detailed work, it makes a lasting impression.. For our comfort, a laundry facility is available to use. When compared to other ones, it looks so grand, which is why I love this one so much.

Lastly, we are going look at The Stack apartments at 4857 Broadway. This apartment looks stylish and luxurious from inside, as well as outside. I love brightness from the  sunlight in this apartment, and the large private terrace. A parking facility is also provided. For our convenience, elevator is also available. Interior design is complete with fine architecture, that is amazing to look at.

These three apartments are unique in feature and design; with more innovative details so we can call them high quality apartments.




3 Reasons Why People Are Searching East Village Apartments For Rent In NYC

east village apts for rent nyc

A Historic Living

East Village is becoming a place of choice for many who would like to live their life thriftily.  It is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan. East village was once considered to be part of the Lower East Side.  In the late 1960s, the neighborhood began to show its individuality and culture, when many musicians, artists and students began to move into the area, attracted by cheap rents. At present, it is considered to be the center of the counterculture in New York and a birth place of many artistic movements.

East Village is recognized for its diverse community, artistic feeling and energetic entertainment. These features have attracted people to search East village apartments for rent in NYC.

Heterogeneous Blend Of Lifestyle

East village is a place of heterogeneous blend of restaurants, bars, cafes, antiquated clothing shops, street art, antique shops, and education. As the name goes, heterogeneous people come from varied culture and tradition, and are easily adopted and their lively hood becomes a pleasant experience.

East village is considered to be the education hub, with many schools and colleges known for academic excellence at minimal cost.  Reading skills are enriched with library’s operating in and around east village.

Shopping is an activity everyone enjoys. East village enhances this experience with diverse and mixed cultural clothing, and other accessories and household articles.  “Name it and you will get it” would be the phrase that best describes the east village.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” – La Rochefoucauld.  As the saying goes, East Village people can eat intelligently by choosing their healthy food from a wide range of restaurants and cafes. They even make their own goodies by shopping in wet markets and grocery stores. Restaurants and cafes attract various age groups accordingly.

Nightlife – Breaks Class In Equality

Social activities and nightlife entertainment are another main reason people are searching for apartments for rent in NYC. Ones social life may include live music, concerts, night clubs, theatre, cinemas, shows, pubs, bars and parties. A psychologist states that nightlife can ‘maintain class equality’ which helps when you are out socializing.

Being in an east village apartment is quite an experience with all these topographies. ‘Very little is needed to make a happy life’ says Louise Erdrich. There is no truer statement when refering to life in East Village.




East village Manhattan apartments for rent

334 East 11th Street

Artsy? Then the East Village is for you

Simply by walking down the streets, one can feel the difference in the vibe of the East Village versus the Upper East Side, for example. Vintage dresses, old lace-up boots, and battered brown purses accent its young inhabitants. The music scene in the East Village is also thriving; singer songwriters who are either about to be big or are already big and are coming home to try out new stuff perform at the many venues in the East Village and Lower East Side. scene.

If you’re new to New York, don’t confuse the East Village with the The Lower East Side, which is directly to its south. The East Village is South of Stuyvesant Town, East of the NYU and bordered on the East by the East River. Within it are several smaller neighborhoods, including Alphabet City, St. Mark’s Place, Loisaida and The Bowery.

There are so many good bars and restaurants in the East Village that you will never get to try them all–but a good place to start is with the cozy Bourgeois Pig for fondue and fine wine, Momofuku for the best ramen you’ve ever had, and Empellon Cocina for tasty Mexican .

More About East Village

 The area is slam packed with bars. Unlike the fratty bars of Murray Hill, however, even bars directly next to one another in the East Village can have completely different identities, which is pretty awesome.

In addition, Alphabet City, which was riddled with crime and drugs in the eighties, is now safe and full of cool bars, shops, and restaurants. Ravenous partiers feast on delicious bites at restaurant Avenue A late at night, and Avenue C has a new bar on the “hottest new spots” list practically every week. Alphabet City also has a plethora of community kept gardens, which are quite lovely respites from the concrete and noise of the city.

A lot of people identify the East Village with NYU, as NYU has its home base surrounding Washington Square Park, and many grads live there in an effort to extend college life a little bit longer. But aside from being a big post-grad community, the neighborhood also lives off of its popularity from when it was a haven for artists, hippies, Beatniks and a hub for protests, riots and counterculture movements



Homes for Rent in Amityville, NY

Spilling across the Southern State Parkway on Long Island, the CDP of North Amityville might be better known to some as that place where a Hollywood horror movie took place.  To others it’s a sweet little parcel of land with affordable housing (for New York), relatively low crime rate, and a commuter lifestyle. Head to the water and enjoy a scenic summer day by the pier catching fish or explore the considerable colonial history.

So Much Room For Activities

With seasonal crowds come enticing recreational opportunities. North Amityville has all sorts of options for you outdoorsy types, with more parks, athletic fields, playgrounds, beaches and boat launches one can shake a stick, paddle or umbrella at; there’s absolutely something for everyone. If you’re more the antisocial hermit type, there are quiet museums and food delivery services. You might even find apartments for rent in North Amityville with utilities included.

There is info that we all need to know.  If it’s all sounding too good to be true, there are some limitations and a few essential words of caution.

Number one: you’re gonna need a car. Yes, there is a public bus operated by Suffolk County Transit, and if you travel a bit you can jump on the Long Island Railroad Service, but the automobile is king, so come prepared.

Number two: pack for all seasons, all possibilities — humidity is a thing here and snowbanks happen.

Number three: Cost of living here is higher than the rest of the country.