4 NYC Rental Apartment Listings

NYC rental apartment listings

Trusted Listings to Help You Find the Best Apartment

Are you looking for a new place to stay in New York? Or, are you in the middle of NYC apartment hunting? If so, you should get professional help to save you time, money and energy in dealing with the technical details of hunting and renting an apartment. The following are 4 websites, among many, NYC rental apartment listings you can trust to find the best apartment to fit your needs.

  • Renthop – This website uses the HopScore system to identify and encourage accurate listings and ethical behavior among real estate professionals. A high HopScore would mean that the apartment has good value, up-to-date information, and a landlord with speedy response times. This kind of apartment would be appealing to renters. The majority of RentHop’s no-fee listings are in Manhattan. They also have selections in Brooklyn and Queens, as well.
  • FirstService – This real estate listing company provides high quality brokerage and rental management services, while maximizing occupancy, value and savings. Their team consists of professional, experienced, licensed sales and leasing experts who know NYC by heart. They can help you find your dream apartment that meets your needs and budget. They have a wide variety to choose from in NYC downtown, midtown, Brooklyn, Queens, Connecticut, Upper Manhattan, Upper East and Upper West Side. They also offer no-fee listings that you may find appealing. Check it out at
  • NakedApartments – This website has so many options, even tight-budget people can find a perfect place to stay in NYC. They offer no-fee listings,  many of them located in Brooklyn and Queens. They’ve verified the brokers’ licensing information and banned those who post inaccurate or bait-and-switch listings. To make searching easier, they group duplicate listings all in one place. That allows you to select which broker to contact based on reviews from former clients and compare apartment descriptions. You can also find out about the broker response time and fees if any.
  • NYBits –  This site is a classic option that is popular for its no-fee listings. They mainly provide listings of apartments in Manhattan’s neighborhood, but you can search in the outer boroughs from the “neighborhoods” feature as well. They publish addresses for every listing to help cut down on duplicates. Sometimes, they also enforce expiration dates for listings to ensure that they aren’t being used as a bait and switch.





3 Reasons Why You Would need a Professional Brokerage Team in NYC

professional brokerage team NYC


These days, more people think about selling their properties in NYC on their own. While it may work, it’s still recommended for you to hire a professional real estate broker to get the most out of a deal. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional brokerage team in NYC:

  • Save Energy

Not everyone masters the art of negotiating. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, you can save your energy and prevent stress from the complicated negotiation process. It doesn’t stop at negotiating; your broker can handle all of the legal paperwork.

  • Save Time

Who have the time to review listings, schedule and arrange property tours, write offers, negotiate terms and deal with the legal paperwork? Real estate is, generally, not the sole business of many property owners. By hiring a professional broker, you will have more time on your hands to focus on your other job. You can trust your broker to deal with the technical aspects of your real estate business and get the optimal terms.

If you are a buyer, your days of window shopping and comparing properties are over. You let your broker know your needs and let THEM go through ads, while you deal with the stress of packing and moving.

  • Save Money

If you’re a property owner, yes, you would have to pay a commission on the deal. However, the price is nothing compared to the cost you’d have to pay for property repair if you’re held responsible for it on the contract. Imagine what the cost of repair and maintenance would be on a big, valuable property . Your broker can request the tenants be responsible for some of the repair and maintenance of many utility systems which already exist on the property.

If you’re a buyer, rest assured, your broker won’t charge you a fee. Not to mention that your broker can get you the most reasonable price on the property. You can save a lot of money if your broker is good at negotiating. Let’s say the asking price on the property is $2/SF—your broker may just seal the deal at $1.50/SF with payment terms that benefit you. Furthermore, the extra money in your budget can be allocated for buying new furniture for your new place. You can even have enough to do a little remodeling on the property.






What makes Bronx apartments different from any other place?

rental apartment in the Bronx


Apartments in Bronx, NY are so different from any other borough in NYC. There is a sense of calm, peace and relaxation surrounding the area. There are several reasons why I think these feelings surface when you live in apartments in Bronx for rent.

  1. Walking Convenience

Living outside of Manhattan makes walking to destinations so much more enjoyable. Sure the streets are still busy and full of people, but people don’t seem to be in such a rush as they do in Manhattan. Plus the apartments for rent in the Bronx are conveniently located within walking distance to all of the places I do errands. Walking in this less-rushed area of NYC makes it relaxing for me to live here year after year.

  1. Beautiful Landscaping

One of my absolute favorite things about living in the Bronx, is that everywhere you go you see beautiful landscaping. There are plenty of trees, shrubs and flowers that all work together to make lovely peaceful gardens. Not to mention, the fountains in the courtyards at Parkchester.  Spring and summer are my favorite seasons here because the flowers are in bloom.

  1. Local Shops & Restaurants

That sense of clam and peace that I find in the outdoors in the Bronx is also how I feel when I go into the local shops and restaurants near my apartment. There are so many retail options to choose from near my apartment for rent in Bronx, NY. One of my favorite things is being able to try new things, yet still feel like I am in my own comfortable setting.

  1. Friendly Neighbors

Enjoying the neighbors at my apartment in the Bronx is one thing I hope I never take for granted. This family-friendly community fosters long-term friendships with neighbors. This is one of the things that is unique to living in one of the less busy boroughs of the city. People want to make friends with their neighbors.

I hope that I have made my point with these four points. Living in a rental apartment in the Bronx is a joy. I feel a sense of peace, and a warm feeling that I am at home when I am out in the neighborhood or sitting in my apartment on the couch.