Near Dumbo Brooklyn apartments for rent or for sale options: Mercedes House.

Yes pals, this apartment building is absolutely awesome and that´s why I´m writing this review. I really think it´s worth it .

Considered by most architects as one of  New York´s most important residential development in years.  A 30 story luxury apartment building near Dumbo Brooklyn (i recently review this other cool apartments building in Dumbo here)  with amazing landscapes and views of Clinton Park and the Hudson River. It is modern, refined, and elegant.  Everything in it cries out excellence, and people choose to live here ’cause it is, undoubtedly, the best place to live.

I remember visiting this building, as my best friend lives at Mercedes House. I think it was the first time in my whole life I REALLY envied someone.  She was really lucky to find an apartment available here and I can´t stress how much we enjoyed it! We spent a vast majority of our time making use of it´s incredible amenities.

You can read a lot about Mercedes Club in specialized magazines, and once you visit it you will see why. Mercedes Club is absolutely fabulous and puts only the BEST at your fingertips.

The indoor Olympic Swimming Pool is absolutely the best, not even the best fitness clubs come with such a majestic pool.  It is very different from typical residential pools that you will find in other luxury homes in Hell´s Kitchen, Dumbo or surrounding neighborhoods.

Residents enjoy it daily and non- residents too! (ME!J)

Ready for some exercise? Put on your favorite workout gear and start your day full of energy and enthusiasm! Make use of its superb fitness center and you won’t need the Titanic to make you feel like you are King of the world. Even better, if you use it often enough, you will probably meet someone like Leo Di Caprio at some point.

dumbo brooklyn apartments

Laundry Room and other amenities.

Yes, women! (and… a few men, just a few!) We are rid of that cheap Chinese generic “cloth-struggling” machine. No more thinking about washing our clothes (that terrible duty).  Leave it to the Washer-Dryer, save time and spend it with your kids , husband or Netflix! Everybody deserves one clean T-Shirt a day… even your husband.

You will also save hundreds of $$$, depending on how many clothes you have. If you are a typical shopaholic woman like me,  i´m pretty sure you will save enough money to upgrade to one of those amazing 4k tvs.   And, if you have plans to go for a 70″ one, don´t even consider taking your clothes to Times One Cleaners. Don´t worry, the laundry at Mercedes House includes quality and quantity enough in terms of technology.


Romantic corner

Received a letter from your secret lover? Put a ring on him: he´s golden. Only a few guys send something other than a stupid Wassup  sticker. Now you need a discrete, safe place to meet him… without extra eyes, but near a security guard just in case your FB pal was actually a Psycho.

Don´t worry! Mercedes House thinks of everything! Yes, that too! It will be held at the package room until you go and pick it up! But don´t tell anyone! If your friend is at least 20% as sweet as his public profile, and doesn’t look much different than the photo-shopped pictures he sent you, maybe you want to go to the next step. You can have your first date at Casellula, a nearby cheese and wine cafe’, and have a splendid time! How splendid will depend on the choice of wine you make at Casellula.

A safe place

A helpful, charming, nice and polite doorman will be there for you 24/7! Personnel at Mercedes House are absolutely fabulous, so enjoy your stay to the maximum and relax! Don´t forget to tip him often if you usually arrive with 5-gallon bottles.

Pet Friendly apartments

Own a cat? A dog? A rabbit? An anaconda? Ok, not sure if “Jill the Anaconda” will be welcomed, but you can try with your other 4 legs friends. Definitely, you can take your pets and they will be welcomed! Mercedes House knows they are part of the family, so they will be received with great fanfare! Just be sure to walk your dogs and feed your cats often to avoid pets from getting bored and annoying.

An smart apartments building.

Don´t think about using the stairs again, forget about your old building and enjoy modernity to its finest! Fast, spacious elevators will take you right where you wanna go!
Enjoy its amazing courtyard…breathe fresh air! Go for a walk, tan your white face and fulfill your life! Think green!
Don´t know where to keep your precious old (but still usable) all terrain bike? No problem! Mercedes House will keep it safe and secure in its Bike Storage and it will be grateful for never sleeping outside again! So come on! Put your helmet on and go ride your bike in Hell´s Kitchen Park! You´ll love it!
After this wonderful review do you still have doubts that this is for sure the best building in Manhattan? It is worth its value in such an awesome neighborhood as Hell Kitchen (imagine turning into some kind of Elektra at night and meeting with Daredevil, ha!) Modern and luxurious, people who have lived here really loved this place!! It´s full of life and energy and is worth every dollar you pay for it. If some day you see one of the units for sale, go for it. You will never regret it.
It´s strategically located near the coolest restaurants and shops like Gem Mine or The Flea Market! So if you want to embrace a lifestyle, just go for Mercedes House! IMHO the best of the best!
See you at my next blog!




Why it is important to find no-fee apartments in Midtown Manhattan to save money?

For a long time I´ve been searching for a bigger apartment located in Midtown NYC, but I must say I´m extremely stingy and thrifty so paying fees is not something I love doing.

no fee rental apartments uptown east

How to find no fee rental apartments uptown east?


I´ve been doing some research, and at the same time created a list for myself with questions and answers to find out how much money I could save, and which was the best way to find apartments without having to pay more. It doesn´t matter if you live in Midtown NYC or Uptown East, you must read this article if you want to know how to save money getting a no-fee apartment in Manhattan.

First of all, let´s start with the basic question:

What is a broker fee?

the best apartments in nyc

Some of the best apartments for rent in NYC are available with no-fee.


Most apartments in NYC are available through real estate brokers, and all of them will offer you the apartment you are searching for but…at a cost. That means you´ll, surely, get the apartment of your dreams, and an agent will find it for you but the question is…is it worth the cost? Usually, fees are too damn high and your pocket will  feel it! So it´s better to think twice before closing any deal.

What is a no fee rental?

Nyc apartment rentals

You will sleep better if you are saving money, right?


So this is the part I like most! As the words say, no fee rental means you can find an apartment and rent it without having to pay any fee. The problem with this is the hard job you are facing to get through all of the listings before you find it! Remember real estate agents find the apartments for you, this way you will have to find it yourself.  But if you are like me, not willing to pay a penny more, at the end its worth it!

How much is the usual fee you pay for an apartment around 4000 rent?

nyc rental apartment listings

There are some specific no-fee rental listing tools like First Service


I remember a few years ago, I saw this beautiful apartment and I was going to pay $4000 dollars a month! And believe me, I was not crazy ’cause it was worth its price. The problem was I didn´t want to rent it through a real estate broker because I was not willing to pay the fee. What happened next? Of course I lost it…but as part of my revenge I´ll let you know the amount of the fee they wanted to charge me so you never, EVER rent an apartment again through a real estate broker ( yes, I´m very bad!).  They wanted to charge me 12% of the annual rent, that is $ 5760 !! There´s no way I was going to pay that amount. Now, are you on my side?

How can you find no fee apartments?

no fee apartments in Manhattan, Uptown or Midtown

There are many ways to find an available no fee apartment for rent in Manhattan using your favorite gadget.


The best way is to work alongside the property management companies. After you find the building you like, speak to the manager and he will help you out, showing you the apartment without involving real estate brokers.

You can use this apartment search tool with the option “no-fee” selected to find no fee apartment rentals Midtown or Uptown Manhattan (recommended)  :

Another way is if you have a friend living in a building you like, you can ask him to let you know if an apartment is available. Or just take a tour through the city and try to see if you find signs posted about apartments for rent.

Remember to speak with your friends, coworkers and acquaintances, UNION MAKES FORCE!

How much can you save with a no fee apartment with a 3 year contract?

no fee apartments in Manhattan, Uptown or Midtown

Tip: use the money you save from the fee every 2 years for updating the apartment indoors.


Ok, the answer to this question was definitely what convinced me not to pay a fee when renting an apartment. Just figure out, like I said before, that if a real estate broker wants to charge you 12% of your annual rent and let´s say you budgeted 4K a month, that is $ 5760 X 3  years = $ 17280 ( WHAT???!), this means each month you´ll be paying not $ 4000 but $ 4480…now, ask yourself, are the apartments you are getting through a broker worth this price? Because remember, when you average out the cost of that fee over the year you are adding almost $500 to your rent. So answer the question, if I rent a no fee apartment, in this case I will save $17280 in three years and with that money, think how much shopping you could do!

As you can see, the best way is not to pay more when you can pay less! Make your money wortk for you, work hard trying to find the apartment of your dreams and for sure you´ll find it, you´ll get your reward and you´ll feel great knowing you did it by yourself!

I really hope this article was useful to you, ’cause it was to me!!! In a few days I´m moving to an apartment I love and the best of all I found it by myself!

Have a wonderful day and good luck!




5 reasons it´s hard to find good available apartments in Manhattan

Finding a good available apartment is kind of difficult but finding a good available apartment IN Manhattan, is almost impossible!

available apartments in manhattan

available apartments in manhattan

I went through this stressful experience a few years ago when I decided to move from New Jersey to the Big Apple. Believe me, I learned a lot about it. So I´m going to reveal my most precious secret so you don´t have to go through the same thing I did (yes I know, I´m unique J)

What happens when you are looking for an available apartment in Manhattan? Thousands of other people are looking for it too! Maybe you get lucky, and find it right away.  Best of all, at an incredible price, but I´m afraid to say that those things don´t happen IRL!
Ok, so you just found the apartment of your dreams.  You called to see if it’s available, and you get answer you´ve been waiting to hear for so long: “yes it is!”

You are really excited, full of adrenaline, until you think for a while and…FACEPALM, you think: “How did I miss asking its price!!!”. When you find out the price (you´d prefer not to hear it) you suddenly cry out: “BUT THAT´S TOO DAMN HIGH!! I CAN´T AFFORD THAT PRICE, EVEN IF I ROBBED A BANK!!” Oops! Anyway, if you get that frustrated feeling that you can´t afford nice apartments or that you always come late and another B #@% rents the apartment of your dreams, don´t give up and read these tips!

1. Create Google Alerts- Google is a good pal and will never fail u!

Want to rent an apartment in a particular neighborhood? Ask Google to let you know immediately when one is available! And if the alert sounds in the middle of an important business meeting, GET OUT! And go for it! It could be your last chance! I.e. “available apartment Manhattan“, “empire state building view apartments for rent” or “luxurious apartment rentals in Manhattan” may be good google alerts you can set here: and you can get alerts in your email any time an available apartment is updated on a website like this:

2. Use the classic Newspaper-Ancient??? BUT EFFECTIVE!

Always keep your daily newspaper under your arm just like in the old days! You can find publications of apartments you won´t find on the internet, and it will keep you updated with the latest news!

3. Ask your friends!!- They´ll do anything for you!!

Love the building where your best friend is living right now, but there´s no chance you can move in together? Ask him to alert you as soon as an apartment is available! Even if he has to knock on his neighbors door to ask, I´m sure he´ll do that for you….and more!

4. Offer a Real Estate independent Agent an extra fee- Juicy temptation

Come on! Be honest! Who doesn´t like to get some extra cash??? Need a nice affordable apartment? Ok, offer a Real Estate Independent Agent an extra fee and I´m sure he´ll be eager to find that apartment that suits your needs…in minutes!

5. Browse the web-Specialized Real Estate Agents are waiting for you!

The internet can help you out with anything you need, well not anything, but with ALMOST ANYTHING you need, so take advantage of it. There are specialized Real Estate websites where you will be able to search for your ideal apartment according to its price, location, number of bedrooms, etc! So come on! Don´t get left behind and start now !

So I have just revealed my best kept secret!!! I hope you make good use of it and go rule the Real Estate world!!

Good luck!




New York dream buildings: Liberty View.-

dream buildings nyc

New York City is the perfect place for dreaming.


Wow! I really love writing this article because I can´t wait to share, with you, my experience at Liberty-View in Battery Park NYC. I´m a fan and great admirer of beauty and these Suites really have it all.

I´ll start this story from the beginning: My friends and I decided to take a trip to Disney Parks in Orlando, FL, definitely a must see place you want to visit. Needless to say, we enjoyed its games like 8 year-old kids!

Our stay in Disney was fantastic! Ffun and non-stressful, as trips with friends usually are! I had also planned to travel to NYC by myself, as I have cousins who live in Manhattan… so why not surprise them with a visit? A bigger risk could just be my cousins hiding in the backyard until I stop knocking in the door and leave!  🙂

Fortunately, this was not the case, so for a few days I stayed at their house having an incredible time… you know: gossiping about every member of our family, latest divorces, breaking news about boyfriends and details about every aunts recent surgery. Then, after a week, I decided to continue my trip through New York but choosing a place that would really delight me.

I chose to stay at Liberty-View (yes I´m no fool duh! ) , because the environment to me really makes the difference and this place, as its name says, offers fantastic views to the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River and its surroundings.

I´m going to give you five reasons of why I would choose Liberty View over and over again.

1. The best view EVER!-Enjoy its green surroundings.

Stay at a place where you can enjoy it to the fullest in every possible way. At Liberty-View you can enjoy its fantastic views of the Statue of Liberty, and breathe the fresh air. Feel alive and blessed to stay at a place like this, and try not to be depressed once you are back at home, when you probably will need a high end telescope to look at something interesting from your windows.

2. Comfortable and beautiful suites-combining fine furnishing with excellent quality service.

Liberty-View will turn your own place to rest into a dream place. The finest furniture & comfortable beds, together with beautiful views will definitely make you want to come back again and again. At least until your credit card gets rejected.

3. Beautiful sundeck- get a tan and really feel like you are on vacation!

It would definitely be a great idea for you to stay at Liberty-View in the spring or summer!  This residential building in Battery Park has wrap-around terraces. 

Enjoy its beautiful rooftop with colorful plants and flowers while you get a tan.  Enjoy panoramic views of the Hudson River! But please remember that you can´t just take them as souvenirs. And the same is true about towels.

4. Weekly maid services- get fresh towels and linens

Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the pleasure of staying at a place that has it all. Excellent service and a helpful staff that will make your stay a real dream come true. And you will not need a boyfriend to get breakfast in bed!

5. The best location, far from everything…near everything!

Enjoy staying at a place that will offer you the exact location you were looking for. A place with the tranquility and comfort of a neighborhood and the convenience of the magic city of New York. Everything you want YOU GOT IT HERE!

I guess after this review you´ll definitely consider staying at this wonderful place! ;), it´s cool, it´s nice and convenient. Enjoy the best time in the best place and plan your next vacation here.  Good luck!





Not just “luxury” but 3 ULTRA luxury Manhattan apartments you must see!

3 Ultra Luxury Apartments in Manhattan

Maybe this guy is the real estate agent you need to find your ultra luxury apartment in Manhattan!


In this post we are going to look at three ultra luxury apartment buildings in Manhattan that will make you feel like your average luxury apartment is actually a below average place to live. Here I will highlight these buildings to give you a feel for what an ULTRA luxury residence looks like and the type of amenities that it offers.

Mercedes House

First off, is what is known as the Mercedes House. Located on West 54th in Manhattan, you can view this uniquely shaped building from far away. The architecture of this building adds to the great NYC showcase of intelligent design. Inside the Mercedes House is a large lap pool, game room and fitness club. This building was designed with the idea of getting lots of natural sunlight. So you will find plenty of high-class outdoor space and floor-to-ceiling windows in each direction.

One West End

One West End is a great combination of both amenities and service. Working together to make life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This is a luxury apartment with concierge and a renown 12,000 sqft rooftop deck. You’ll even find a large formal dining room that you can rent out and hire a private chef to host parties with your family and friends. This keeps the mess out of your kitchen, and you get the chance to have a stress-free, worry-free dinner party with the ones you like most.

Silver Towers

Silver Towers takes the cake for ultra luxury apartment living in NYC. They feature amazing services for their residents, including a health club and spa, shuttles, 24 hour concierge services, parking and private roof space. O could go pn and on about the amenities at Silver Towers. This is a highly sophisticated building with culture and includes a roof top lounge and bar.   Being in a prime location, you can easily make it to many luxury shops in NYC within just a few blocks. If you were impressed reading about the first two ultra luxury apartment buildings, then you will be over the moon impressed with Silver Towers since it includes all of the things listed above and more. This is a fantastic NYC apartment with a pool and pet-friendly facilities.




Why I prefer NYC apartments with children’s playroom.

NYC apartments with children´s playroom

NYC apartments with children´s playroom

As a mom, I always knew about the importance of living in an apartment with a playroom. If you have little kids, you understand how desperate we can become thinking they can get hurt, play with our stuff or leave our house upside down!

Fortunately, some time ago, I decided to search for NYC apartments with children´s playroom and I found one which really changed my life and my children´s.

I also found a Manhattan luxury studio apartment and a New York City residential apartment but neither of them met the necessary requirements as their recreation areas were not so good.

Imagine living in the apartment of your dreams in a beautiful city like New York, having your own space for your child.
You can relax knowing they are having a great time in a very comfortable place just steps from your home!
New York City is amazing, beautiful, and fun,  but kids often get stressed in cities like this one where they can´t find their own space.
We must be very sure when we choose a place to live because it´s where we are going to spend the rest of our life.
Here are five reasons why I definitely think apartments in New York should have their own play room:
1.   Your children will be happy playing in a safe place.
You can relax knowing your little child is  safe and sound. Play rooms in apartment buildings are specially designed for kids and its goal is to ensure they have a great time!
2.   You´ll enjoy some privacy.
Yes! Enjoy your privacy, at least for a few minutes! You really deserve it. You are a dedicated mom who loves to go shopping, watch tv or simply take a nap…this is your time, so take advantage of it!
3.   They will waste energy in a productive way.
What´s best about this? Your kids will be exhausted after a few hours of pure fun. This is an incredible way of burning energy doing things they love. Besides, play rooms put kids’ mind to work in a very comfy and safe environment.
4.   They will be able to interact with other kids while having fun.
It´s always good to make new friends, to play, to learn to share toys and play together. Your shild will have the chance to get to know new little kids and maybe, who knows, turn them into their best friends!
5.   This place is just a few steps away from your home.
The perfect place just a few steps from your apartment!, no need to drive, no need to get out of the building. It’s winter? No problem! Your children will always stay close to you doing what they like to do most: have fun!

This is just a humble opinion from a “desperate mom” who found the gates of heaven when moving to an apartment in New York with a playroom for our little ones.

Seeing them enjoy laughing, being entertained, interacting with other kids and most of all just HAPPY, makes me feel that moving to this apartment was definitely the best decision I´ve ever made.

Famous Movies That Take Place Near Apartments in the Bronx

Apartments in the Bronx Seen in Movies

There are so many movies and TV shows that are based in NYC, most of these shows use Manhattan as the backdrop. Did you know that the Bronx has been used in movie sets throughout the years as well? Take a look at the long list of movies that feature scenes based here. People who live in apartments for rent in the Bronx may recognize some of these locations.

Rumble in the Bronx

This full-length feature film, starring Jackie Chan, uses the Bronx not only as the setting for the movie, but also in the title. The funny thing about this 1995 action/ thriller movie is that none of it was actually filmed in the Bronx…but in Canada.

A Bronx Tale

This film, also named after the Bronx, was actually all shot in NYC, however, one scene was taken in the Fordham neighborhood of the Bronx borough.  There you will see many apartments for rent in the Bronx as the backdrop of the scene.

The Bronx Warrior

This 1990 Italian film is a sci-fi/action movie named and based in the main character’s apartment in the Bronx, NYC. It is focused on a young lady who is to inherit a prosporeous manufacturing company her family owns in Manhattan.   She has issues with the way the company is run and how people are treated, so she is trying to deal with her guilt of inheriting such a company. The plot thickens as she comes across some unexpected characters just before her 18th birthday.

The Bronx Zoo

Though this may not be a movie, it is a TV series started in 1987. This drama that lasted two seasons, showed the challenges of having an unmotivated staff.   While the main character tries to maintain a positive environment and hope for things to change, he struggles with the lack of gusto he receives from his closest co-workers.

These are four examples of movies or TV shows that have been based near apartments in Bronx. Though this list is not exhaustive, it communicates a variety of media genres that find the backdrop of their story to fit best with the look, culture and environment the Bronx has to offer.




5 Advantages of Living in the Bronx NY

Apartments in the Bronx NY

Each borough of New York City has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your lifestyle, you may prefer spending time in one part of New York rather than another. From what I’ve seen and heard, I have found Bronx apartment rentals tend to be a happy medium for many New Yorkers who love the hustle and bustle of the city, yet want to live a more quiet and comfortable life. So share our five advantages of living in Bronx apartments for rent. 

  1. Rental Costs

This is a big one. The cost to rent an apartment is high across the city, but in the Bronx an apartment at Parkchester is surprisingly affordable. For example, you can get a two bedroom apartment for approximately $1,700 per month. That would be an unheard of price anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Not only are these apartments affordable, they are also newly renovated.

  1. Less Congestion

Some of us love the hustle and bustle of the city during the day, but we like a more quiet environment to wind down after a grueling work day. Living out in the Bronx apartments is far less congested than being on any given street in Manhattan. The fewer amount of people around, give you more space to move and be.

  1. Green Space

The third advantage of living in apartments in the Bronx is the greater opportunity to enjoy green spaces. Finely manicured lawns and sidewalks make spending time outside more enjoyable and beautiful. There are many parks close by that are perfect for getting exercise or having a picnic in the grass.

  1. Family Friendly

With all of that being said, it is fair to say that the Parkchester community is quite family-friendly. With the affordable apartments, close access to parks and recreation this is a neighborhood designed for the whole family. There are many reputable schools and child care facilities nearby so you don’t have to take the children far to drop them off.

  1. Still Close to the Action

Let’s be honest, the Bronx is still NYC. It is just a short train ride into Manhattan. Though you may live in a Bronx apartment, there is no need to worry iabout missing out on any of the action in the heart of the city. Basically, living just outside of Manhattan is the best of both worlds. You still get to enjoy the entertainment of NYC and remove yourself from the large crowds at your leisure.