Professional Brokerage Team from NYC : “Potential Tenants asking about Pokemon Spots”

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3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 5 Pokemon…

When people go out to look for an apartment, they try to consider all the possible aspects which will make their living a comfortable one in that particular apartment. But nowadays people are looking for quite an unusual thing which normally people don’t ask for when they go out to look for an apartment.

You might be wondering, what are we talking about here? It has come to the attention of many brokerage firms, that people are now looking for the best housing opportunities  to catch “Pokemon”. Yes, you read it right. Nowadays, people want a place where they can catch as many pokemon as possible. If you still are confused, then be patient, we will clear it up for you.

Pokemon Go and its impact on Brokerage teams.

Pokemon Go is a gaming application launched recently, just a few months back, in which you have to catch Pokemon. We have all seen the famous cartoon show featuring “Pikachu” and it’s trainer “Ash” where they go out and catch Pokemon for themselves, then later on they use them for attacking the enemies.

In this game you will have to do the same. You will need to go out and catch Pokemon from different locations. The player with the greatest number of Pokemon will have a greater advantage later on. This Android based game is compatible with all smartphones available. The app itself tells the possible locations where you can catch Pokemon.

 Pokemon Go with Real Estate

If you are a Pokemon Go addict, you would definitely want a particular place where you can find a large number of Pokemon to catch. While keeping this in mind, many Pokemon Go players who are wondering about buying or renting an apartment are looking for the perfect destination where they will be able to find all the Pokemon just by sitting at their apartments.

Considering the growing demand of the game, some property management NYC company are trying to make Pokemon Go an opportunity for them to sell all their properties. A potential buyer from NYC states that he is making use of tools available from property management companies to compare the availability of Pokemon near their property.

This, in fact, has helped professional brokerage team NYC to sell the required property to the perfect tenants who were at the same time looking for Pokemon in and around the property. Although it is a temporary phenomenon, some people are taking it seriously.  At the same time, it is helping a lot of real estate agents to get their properties filled in a shorter amount of time.





5 Free Apps for Finding Your Bronx Apartments for Rent on Your iPad

The internet has transformed the environment of real estate with extraordinary search engines that can easily filter the housing options by dozens of means. Just stay on top of your search with your iPad and get the perfect Bronx apartment for rent.

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A Bronx Zoo monkey using an Ipad. It seems he is moving soon 🙂

Make your life easy with the right apps when searching Bronx apartments for rent:          

Finding a Bronx apt for rent is like finding a partner. Though it may be quite difficult, the right app will help you rule out the ones that aren’t going to work for you.  Let’s have a look:

  • PadMapper: This particular app works in several cities and is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is one of the best for those people who want to have an apartment in the Bronx that is in close proximity tp where they live currently. This app is fast and simple to use.
  • HotPads: It is not as easy to navigate as the previous app- but it may be the better of the two, as it is more detailed. It needs people to create an account and targets those people who want to rent their apartments in the Bronx for longer- terms.
  • Lovely: It is very easy to navigate. After typing the desired location in the Bronx. This app uses filters to narrow down the kind of apartments you are longing for. The best thing about this app is, definitely, its zoom feature.
  • Walk Score: This app is quite unique, as it rates each and every residence by how long it actually takes to get someplace. People will have to type their desired location for Bronx apartments rental and then this app will automatically search the best options for you.
  • Apartment Finder: It caters to budget conscious and new renters. It also offers filters that aid apartment hunters in the Bronx to find the best deal within their budget.

Utility of Search Terms:

When you search for an apartment in the Bronx for rent, you can narrow your search by including details such area, schools or hospitals that are essential for you. Thus, you can save your time and energy. Apart from that, your search terms would aid you in finding the best apartment in the Bronx. Try “bronx apartments for rent” but also  “bronx apartments rental” and  “bronx apt for rent“.

Go for iPad Simulator:


If you don’t have an iPad, then you can also use iPad simulator, a Cloud OS that works impeccably for Google Chrome with iPad interface, so managing the web application will never be an issue.




3 Architects Whose High Rise Apartments Changed New York Landscape Forever

Architecture is nothing but a science and art for designing buildings, homes, and other large structures. This special kind of art and science influences the whole world in a beautiful manner.
high rise building apartment rentals new york

It has also left its footprint by designing New York City with extraordinary features. Surrounded by water, this city has one of the largest, most obscure collection of high-rise buildings in the world. The best part is that all of these buildings differ from one another just because of their unique and remarkable architecture.

Changing New York Landscape with skyscrapers:

If you ever visit New York, you will find high rise building apartments in Manhattan that are superbly designed by the architects which have completely changed the entire landscape.  This is the main reason why most people go for hi- rise apartments in Manhattan for rent.

So, if anyone wants the experience of a lifetime, then he/she would not miss an opportunity to live in these apartments. Only then, can one realize how these designers enrich all of the lives in New York City.

View of Quality High Rise Architecture:

If you look back, you will find several living examples of extraordinary architecture by great architects that can never be forgotten. Let’s have a look:

high rise building apartment rentals new york

  • Solomon R. Guggenheim          This Museum is definitely an embodiment of Frank Lloyd Wright’s attempt to extract the integral plasticity of the organic forms in the architecture. Wright’s reversed ziggurat, dispensed with a conventional approach to the museum design, led visitors through a series of interconnected rooms and forced them to repeat their steps while exiting. His design patterns modern architecture.

Zaha Hadid

  • Zaha Hadid is also one of the best architects of recent times. Hadid designed the entire 520 West 28th. Residents have magnificent views while residing in these skyscrapers. Completely influenced by the parallel practices which surround architecture, like design, urbanism and art, Hadid makes structures which speak of changing lifestyle. She recently died at the age of 65 after a hearth attack.

Bjarke Ingels

  • Bjarke Ingels, the Danish architect, has already gained massive popularity due to US Times Magazine as one of 100 most influential person of recent times. He is basically known for the buildings that challenge traditional architectural dimensions and conventions. His designs mainly incorporate sociological concepts and ecological development ideas, along with the sloped lines that are being shaped to their surroundings. One of his best known projects is the VIA 57 West Building.

So, if you want to experience the awesomeness of this city then you will have to go for high rise building apartment rentals New York.



Peter Kumper from Mad Magazine exhibit show in Dumbo.

A few days ago Dumbo had the honor of hosting one of the most significant figures of Mad Magazine, Mr. Peter Kuper. The famous cartoonist arrived in the borough to showcase his most outstanding works, and boy he did!
Whoever loves cartoons, knows what Mad Magazine is about and will probably be one of their favorite creations.
But for those who don´t know, I must say this Magazine is by far one of the best I´ve read and enjoyed.

A little bit of history:

Mad Magazine is a series of American cartoon magazines that, for years, has amused readers all over the world. This humor magazine was founded in 1952 by its editor Harvey Kurtzman.
It was first launched as a book and it offers satire in several genre: culture, politic, entertainment and celebrities, among others.
Mad was published by EC and enployed several editors and representative creatives such as: Kurtzman, Al Feldstein, Frank Jacob, Peter Kuper and many others who were crucial in Mad Magazine´s boom.

An expected visit:

Dumbo, which stands for Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a neighborhood in NYC- Brooklyn. In the late twentieth century it was bought by David Walentas, and his company named Two Trees Management.  Turning it into an upscale residential area, as well as a center for technology startups and center for gallery artists.
Nowadays, it´s one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn, as well as, one of the richest communities in NY.

A few days ago Dumbo had the honor of hosting one of the most significant figures of Mad Magazine, Mr. Peter Kuper. The famous cartoonist arrived in the borough to showcase his most outstanding works, and boy he did!
Last June 16th, he exposed over 60 pieces of artwork at the Scott Elder Gallery. Demonstrating, once again, his talent and imposing his presence in the cartoon world.
According to the artist, this was the biggest show he held for sale, and he looked really excited as he said it!
26 years of Kuper´s work were represented in this exhibition, where we could appreciate his superb cover illustrations for national magazinesm The “Spy vs Spy” comics he has created since ´97 and many other amusing works considered to be real artwork.
Kuper grew up in Cleveland, but considers New York his muse as he says in his own words: “it rocks my world”.
He has travelled to many countries and has amazed people worldwide with his works, talent and charisma.
Kuper is, without a doubt, one of the best artists of all times.  We will always remember him for his fabulous work and for being part of Mad Magazine, which revolutionized our era.

Hope you enjoyed this article and that you have had a chance to enjoy and value his awesome creations.
We wish Dumbo could receive such talented artists more often, for they fill our souls, recreate our views and most of all are a real pleasure to be around.