Apartments for rent with roof terrace NYC: five advantages.

New York City is amazing, the perfect place to live where every dream is possible. It´s full of excitement, luxury and charm, we all deserve to live in a City like New York!

Apartments for rent with roof terrace

Living in beautiful apartments is something we always look forward to, and before renting, we usually spend a lot of time searching for the perfect one. Once we find it, we try to figure out our life in those residences.

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned the five best apartments in NYC in NoMad :, now I´d like to mention 5 apartments with a roof terrace and why it is a must to rent them!

Finding an apartment for rent with a roof terrace in NYC is something we should take into account, as it has several advantages we will now analyze in this post.

  1. Create your own private garden:

An apartment with a roof terrace gives us many options and ideas we can explore to make the best of them. For example, if we have exclusive use of it, we can create and decorate our own garden.

Many people who live in an apartment with a roof terrace, choose to buy artificial grass (which looks great), plant flowers and decorate it just as if it were a garden at a house!

Having our green space in the middle of the city is a must! An escape we should all appreciate and take advantage of if we have the chance.


  1. Build a wooden deck.

Wood always looks great, and in this instance, where you can make your own private space, it won´t be the exception!

Use your deck for sunbathing, gathering together with friends and preparing some drinks.  You can also install a small bar, in a closed space, and use this rooftop as your place of serenity while enjoying magnificent views.


  1. A swimming pool is a must!

Again, if you have private access to the rooftop, you can install a swimming pool specially designed for rooftops. You can even buy a pool which you will be able to install and uninstall easily whenever you want to. Imagine having the chance to use this pool in the summer months when the heat is unbearable! This is priceless, so take it into account! You´ve got a roof terrace in NYC, come on!


  1. Barbecues all year long!

Even if the rooftop in your apartment is shared, you can make use of all its advantages along with the rest of its residents. Luxury apartments usually make good use of them and most of the apartments usually come with a gorgeous barbecue, where you can prepare and enjoy a delicious meal.

So start planning your next bbq with friends and don´t forget to make your reservation!


  1. Plan your private party!

Rooftops are ideal for meeting friends, and having fun while enjoying unique views. Plan your birthday, celebrate a graduation, or simply just because!

Yes! There´s always time to spend a wonderful time with the people we love. Prepare some cocktails, buy some sushi, put the best music on and forget the world!




Still doubting if you want to search for an apartment for rent with a roof terrace? I don´t think so!

After you read this article, I guess you are now googling to see if you can find yours! Good job!







Midtown Manhattan apartments – 1 luxury,1 affordable and 1 big apartment.

Midtown Manhattan apartments

Haven´t decided, yet, where you would like to move? Are you searching for New York City Midtown apartments for rent?

Midtown Manhattan apartments

You can choose from a large variety of residences that are really awesome! When searching Midtown West apartments for rent you can find all types of them according to your needs. Here is my selection of three great choices you can make if you are thinking about moving. So go for your favorite! When you find it, don´t let it go!

A luxury apartment is, most of all for, those who prefer status and a certain type of lifestyle.  Others, instead, choose an affordable apartment according to their possibilities. Then, there is the other kind of tenant who searches for comfort. This kind of tenant, usually has a family and would prefer moving to a big apartment with all its facilities, even if it´s not so luxurious.

Now, we are going to see a list of three apartments I´ve chosen, and see if I can help you make your decision.


  1. Mercedes House- 550 W, 54th Street- 2 bedroom apartment


At Mercedes House you can find luxury in every detail. Floor to ceiling windows welcome the rays of sun during the day, while framing unique views to the city and Hudson River.

Live a magic moment at night when you can relax and appreciate the silence.

This beautiful building is located at 550 W, 54th Street, Manhattan, a great location, just across from Clinton Park.

The most luxury residence at Mercedes House is a two bedroom apartment which features an outdoor area, Live-in Super, Fitness Center, Pool, hardwood floors and excellent fine finishes.

This is a real dream come true for those who appreciate perfection and love having a high-class life style.

You can rent it for $ 6975 and start planning your new life.


  1. Hell´s Kitchen, Midtown West-Apt 43- One bedroom apartment


A Midtown West apartment for rent may be an affordable option, if not, take a look at this beautiful residence located in the heart of Hell´s Kitchen.

This modern, one bedroom apartment has everything you need to enjoy the next chapeter of your life.

It features hardwood floors, an open kitchen with dishwasher, and a spacious bedroom with 2 closets.

Enjoy this sunny and quiet south facing apartment and rent it for only: $2500


  1. Chelsea- W 29th Street- 3 bedroom apartment.

Just steps away from Penn Station, and main transportation, you can find this beautifully remodeled 3 bedroom apartment in Chelsea.

This awesome unit features granite countertops, brand new appliances, marble bath and a dishwasher!

In each bedroom you can find closets and windows, making it very bright and comfortable.

If you are planning to move to a big apartment this is your chance!

Rent it now for: $4700.




Amityville – apartments for rent in and near Amityville NY.

Amityville is not just famous for its haunted house and horror movie, but is also considered a beautiful residential place to live.
apartments for rent in and near Amityville NY.

Located in the town of Babylon in Suffolk County, New York, this village is a quiet neighborhood with very nice town houses.

If you are searching for Amityville apartments for rent or its surrounding area, you are making a great choice.

Just take a look at this list of 5 beautiful residences and start figuring out your next place to live.

  1. Greybarn-1 bedroom apartment in Amityville. NO. 215

Enjoy this beautiful one bedroom, one bath apartment in the residential community of Long Island at 805 Broadway.

This 889 SQFT. residence is pet friendly, with warm modern designs and top of the line appliances.

Beautiful building with a lounge, common kitchen and dining room. Start your day at the fitness center, and enjoy going for a walk in the community garden!

Rent it for $ 2475!


  1. Greybarn-2 bedroom apartment in Amityville.NO.203

Take a look at this awesome two bedroom apartment of 1348 SQFT.

It comes with two baths, an open kitchen, and a spacious living/ dining room.

If you are searching for luxury and good taste, this place has it all! Stainless steel appliances, fine furniture and superb views.

Residential location with the best amenities! Fitness center, swimming pool, community garden, fire pit, bocce court, screening room and billiards.

Can´t miss it!! Rent it for $ 2875.


  1. 1 bedroom apartment for rent near Amityville, NY-Bay Shore

Beautiful one bedroom apartment located at Bay shore, very affordable and comfortable! Wood cabinets, microwave, fridge and nicely decorated!

Private porch deck, living room and full kitchen.

Ready to move in right now!

Rent it for $ 1600

Take a look!


  1. Islip Terrace- Studio- Bay Shore- 17W Main Street.

Rent this cozy, nice studio apartment at a very convenient price!

It features one bathroom, a living room, and an eat-in kitchen.

All utilities included! So if you want to find your perfect dwelling and live in a beautiful place! This is it!

Rent it for: $1050


  1. Studio apartment for rent near Amityville.

Rent your next home in South Amityville! A beautiful new waterfront studio with a private front entrance located on the 2nd floor.

Large studio room on one side, with new eat-in kitchen on the other side.

Hardwood floors, granite countertops, new carpet and spacious bath with shower cubicle!

Don´t miss this amazing studio.  You will surely fall in love!

Cats allowed and driveway parking.

It can be yours for: $1250! Make your reservation now!

As you can see, Amityville and its surrounding area is a beautiful place to live.  You can find 2 bedroom apartments in Amityville, Long Island, or a one bed apartment for rent, whatever suits you most, is available for you!

So do your research and start planning your future in this awesome neighborhood!








The best no fee apartments in Manhattan, NYC.

Are you searching for the best apartments in NYC? Wish to move to a luxury residence where you can settle down and start a new life?

Best Apartment in NYC

Manhattan is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Millions of people will definitely love living in the Big Apple. If you are lucky enough to be one of its privileged residents, take a look at this list of the 5 NO FEE rentals in this exclusive borough.

  1. 240 Central Park South-Studio: top place in Manhattan!

Just take a look at this amazing, luxury studio located in one of the top neighborhoods of Manhattan.

With in building laundry, elevator, 24-hour doorman and private terraces, this renovated building is pet-friendly and comes with awesome outdoor areas. You can also enjoy its hardwood floors, dishwasher and microwave. It has stunning views of Central Park and is located in the heart of Columbus. A real must that combines top of the line luxury with convenience.

Rent your Midtown Manhattan no fee apartment for $3795 NO FEE!


  1. Towers on the Park-220 Manhattan Avenue. One bedroom and affordable!

At this quiet residential neighborhood you can find this one bedroom apartment at a very convenient price!

Own a cat? It´s welcome! You can also enjoy its amenities such as full time doorman, Live- In Super, On Street Parking and more!

Relax with its fabulous Central Park views, and enjoy all the utilities included…Yes! All of them!

Plenty of space for storage, sizable bathroom with great lighting, and a full size tub and shower.

A high quality apartment in Manhattan, with a great dining area and awesome views from the living room and bedroom. It is a high rise building located on the northwest corner of Central Park. Undoubtedly, a unique apartment you must see!

Get it for: $2495…NO FEE!


  1. The Stack- 4857 Broadway-2 bedroom apartment. When size matters!

In the heart of Inwood, you can find this beautiful unit featuring two bedrooms and two baths. Enjoy this one of a kind building which offers luxury living in a convenient location.

Spacious, with large windows, and beautiful floors it also comes with stainless steel appliances, bike storage and in building laundry! The full kitchen has plenty of cabinet space, and you can entertain yourself in the oversized living room.

If you own pets this is the perfect place for them, they are welcome, so take them for a walk to the beautiful Inwood Hill Park!

The Stack is strategically located near major subway lines and cool restaurants!

You can rent it for an excellent price! : $3095 NO FEE!

Take a look!


  1. 240 Central Park South-3 bed, 3 bath. Breathtaking ultra-luxury apartment!

Wow! This is what I call luxury! And this publication is only for connoisseurs!

At one of the best buildings in Manhattan, with a wrapped terrace offering unique Central Park views, we can find this three bed, three bath apartment that only demanding tenants can appreciate!

Relax and get a drink at the Rooftop Lounge, or appreciate the best views on its private terraces. This building, absolutely, has it all, and your apartment will turn into your real dream come true.

Top of the line appliances, three renovated spacious bedrooms, high ceilings and a burning fireplace are just a few of the amazing features we can find in this one of a kind apartment.

Rent your next home here and live like royalty!! Don´t think twice! Get it for $25000 NO FEE!


  1. 251 Lexington Avenue-Studio – when less is more. 

Planning to move by yourself, and searching for a beautiful affordable studio? This is it!

In the heart of Murray Hill, you can find this brand new studio with hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances. Renovated with a new kitchen and windows, this place is ready to move in now…with your pet!

Don´t miss it!  Rent it for $ 1995 NO FEE!


These are my top 5 favorite apartments to rent!     No matter if you are searching for no fee rental apartments in Midtown East, Downtown Manhattan or the neighborhood which suits you most. There is always the perfect residence waiting for you. Search, research, be persistent and at the end you´ll see the results!




Apartments for rent Midtown NYC – 5 Top Places


 Apartment rentals in NoMad

Apartment rentals in NoMad

Are you searching for an apartment to rent in Midtown NYC? Did you know there are several neighborhoods  that are highly sought after?

When we think about moving to a place, we search for the perfect residence according to our financial possibilities. There are many apartments, that even if they are not so huge and luxurious, we can make the best of them. Neighborhoods are equally important.  Now we are going to list the 5 top locations in Midtown West and each one of them has its own charm.

  1. Apartment rentals in NoMad.

NoMad stands for North of Madison Square Park, and is a neighborhood centered in the borough of Manhattan. It is bordered by East 25th Street to the South, to the North is East 29th Street, Sixth Ave. to the West and Madison Ave. to the East.

You can find beautiful apartments in this area surrounded by top restaurants and shops. Visit the Jazz Gallery, relax at OHM Spa and Lounge, or go to the Breslin Gastropub for dining and drinks.  You can find out a little more about NoMad from this EOS NOMAD News Blog:


  1. Apartments for rent near Bryant Park NYC.

This beautiful, public park in the middle of New York is a green oasis for its residents. It is located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and between 40th and 42nd Streets in Midtown Manhattan.

People can enjoy the best concerts and shows while breathing fresh air and enjoying nature. If you rent near this location, you can go for a walk, jog, or spend an amazing afternoon in one of the most privileged places in New York City.

Go for a delicious barbecue at Bryant Park Grill, or stimulate your intellectual side and use The Reading Room to spend an awesome afternoon reading interesting books and magazines.


  1. Apartments to rent Chelsea NYC.

Want to rent a beautiful apartment in Chelsea, Manhattan?

Located on the West side of the borough of Manhattan, this superb location is in the middle of it all!

It´s, primarily, a residential neighborhood where we can find apartment blocks and town houses reflecting the ethnic and social diversity of the population.

There are many interesting things to do in Chelsea: go shopping at the Manhattan Mall, visit the Joyce Theatre, or the amazing Madison Square Garden. Entertainment will wait for you at the Highline Ballroom, and The Rubin Museum of Art will surprise you with its master pieces!


  1. Apartments for rent in Flower District.

Located in the section of 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, you can find the most beautiful flower shops. Buy orchids, ubiquitous, all kinds of plants and even trees!

This is a vibrant community of plant wholesalers and retailers. You will find yourself surrounded by foliage. Renting apartments here is a must!! As you´ll be surrounded by the best landscapes.

Start your journey in the jungle and enjoy Manhattan to the fullest!


  1. Apartments for rent near Ace Hotel NYC.

The Ace Hotel is a historic building of the end of the century in New York City. It fully conjugates the spirit of its surroundings, the city´s culture, and the old structure of the building.

It has become a meeting point for New York people, and international travelers visit it because of its luxury and history.

This hotel offers a breath from the chaos of New York and if you want to rest in the best beds ever, this is without a doubt THE PLACE.

So choose apartments for rent near this area, where location is one of the best in Manhattan!

Visit the Church of Transfiguration or the Turntable NYC. Spend a wonderful time by yourself or hanging out with friends. You can find awesome activities to do in this area!

So now you know, if you want to move to New York City, these neighborhoods are simply the best. You can start figuring out how your life would be in these amazing places!! Start now!




The Flatiron District NY- a smart choice for renting a luxury apartment.

rent a luxury apartment around the Flatiron District
Want to move but haven´t yet decided to where? Have you heard about Flatiron District? This is a place that has become a top location where more and more people are choosing to live.

Find an apartment to rent in Flatiron District New York, and you won´t regret it!

Flatiron District is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is generally bounded by 20th Street, to the South Union Square and Greenwich Village, Six Avenue and Chelsea to the West and NoMad and 25th Street to the North. Gramercy Park would be the boundary to the east.

It is one of the city´s busiest neighborhoods, most of all along 5th Avenue and Park Avenue South.

Now I´ll give you a fact you will love!! Do you know how it got the nick-name Ladies´ Mile? It’s referred to Ladies´ Mile because of the fashionable row of department stores where ladies used to shop! Still nowadays, women love this location, it´s full of designer boutiques, photography studios, and model agencies. This is without a doubt the top location in Manhattan, and if you search for a Flatiron District apartment to rent you will fall in love with this place immediately!

The beautiful Madison Square Park is the heart of Flatiron District, with its green trees, bushes and nature.  You will be able to enjoy a relaxing walk through the park while breathing fresh air.

Also, enjoy concerts and local events organized in this area.  This area is visited by millions of tourists each year.

Taste the fine dining of New York City at restaurants such as Eleven-Madison Park, which ranks third on a 2016 list of the top 50 restaurants of the world! Or visit Gramercy Tavern, an expert in local ingredients you will love to try!

Love architecture? You can visit the most outstanding and iconic buildings, such as the Flatiron Building, known for its triangular shape, only six feet wide at its rounded narrow end.

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower is another interesting building to see.  This 700 feet tower has a clock with four faces, each of them three stories high and their minute hands weigh half a ton each!

Museum of Mathematics in New York City

The National Museum of Mathematics or MoMath is a museum dedicated to mathematics in Manhattan, New York City.


The MoMath (Museum of Mathematics) is the only cultural institution devoted to math in all of North America!

It is a great place for kids, where they will learn while having fun! So don´t worry if your little one is not a math lover, in this museum he will be amused!

Ok, so I believe, after reading all this info you are seriously considering to rent a luxury apartment around the Flatiron District! This is a wonderful place, not only to visit and do business, but also to call home!

So I’ve done a little research, and selected  a few apartments to rent in this neighborhood so you can get an idea of how much it costs.

Figure that a studio in the Flatiron District  averages around $3200/mo., a one bedroom apartment: $4000/mo., and a two bed apartment: $6200.

Now you know how cool it is to rent an apartment in this District.       It´s one of the most beautiful places in New York, and remember that if you decide to start a new life here, you will always have time to realx, and enjoy living like royalty!

“It’s a three-way tie. The architecture. The vibe. The food.”

(When asked about his favorite thing about the Flatiron District)

Marc Glosserman
Founder & CEO Hill Country Hospitality + local resident





Is it worth to choose an apartment for rent with swimming pool in NY?

Apartment for rent with swimming pool in NY



Are you planning to move to an apartment for rent with a swimming pool in NYC? Have you comsidered the pros and cons? Maybe you think having a pool at your building would be awesome, and in a certain way it is.

The problem comes when you have to pay the bill.  As you know, renting apartments with this kind of amenity makes a difference. Luxury apartments are based on amenities, and even if you ignore them, you have to pay its cost and additional charges. So, if you want to rent  these kind of apartments, you better make good use of it!

Now let´s analyze the pros and cons of renting an apartment with a swimming pool, so at the end you can decide which apartment you would like to choose.

According to you can find your apartment for rent starting from $1500/mo, but if you include all of the amenities, it can climb to $1995/mo. Maybe the cost is not a big deal for you, and there are also pros you can take into account. For example, having the chance to enjoy a swimming pool in the summer, when the heat is unbearable, or when the only thing you want to do is get a tan and relax! Kids will also love it! They will have fun and enjoy it even more than you do! So this is perfect! A swimming pool in New York is like an oasis in the middle of the desert!

If the building has an indoor swimming pool, it´s also a pleasure! Getting into the water and swimming while it´s freezing outside is a must! So in both cases a swimming pool is most enjoyable.

Although a swimming pool is a great place for recreation, there is an important con we shouldn´t ignore. Pools are potentially dangerous for kids, the risk of drowning exists, and we must be totally aware every time they are in the water, keeping a strict eye on them!

Another pro is that if you have a pool, you can plan a party with friends, be popular, spend quality time together, and socialize with drinks and a delicious barbecue!

But yet another con… Your friends will always want to party at your pool.  Don’t fool yourself, being the host all the time can be kind of stressful!

Renting an apartment with a swimming pool is a pro for people who love luxury and relaxing, but it’s a con to pay for its maintenance! It´s crystal- clear water should last over time, and someone must clean, vacuum, skim and chlorinate it regularly.

So when it comes to thinking about whether or not it´s a good idea to rent an apartment with a pool, you should consider its pros and cons and maybe you can think about renting an apartment with rooftop terrace in New York City instead!

My advice, whether you choose this amenity or not, search for no fee rentals near Bryant Park, this is a beautiful place to live and will make the difference!

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