My Apartment Says it is LEED Certified. What Does that Mean?

If you have been on the search for eco-friendly apartments for rent inĀ NYC, then you may have noticed a certification known as LEED. When an apartment is LEED certified, it means that measures were taken to ensure the property is environmentally friendly. If you wish to find green apartments for rent in NYC, then a LEED certification will ensure that you are living in an eco-friendly environment. While LEED certification does not have to exist for an apartment to be eco-friendly, it does help you to know that the property meets a certain standard.

What is LEED?

A few years ago the US Green Building Council created LEED in response to the need for specific and determined standards along with third-party verification to ensure that structures were considered environmentally friendly. So if you were searching for apartment rentals in NoMad and came across a LEED certified building, you would know that the building has been certified based on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, the meaning behind the term LEED. A points system is used to help determine the rating of eco-friendliness within the building. When a building with LEED certification is maintained properly, it will produce less waste products and be more energy efficient than it would be without the certification.

Environmentally friendly measures

When doing an apartment search, you can find LEED certified buildings that include environmentally friendly measures in the design of the building. This can include low-flow water systems, quality ventilation and daylighting. Varying HVAC systems as well as other components are added to create an eco-friendly environment.

If you are interested in living in an eco-friendly space, look for LEED certification. This qualification ensures that the apartment you are viewing has eco-friendly measures in place to help reduce your carbon footprint and be of benefit to the environment.