Two Bedroom Apartments in the Middle of Long Island City

The Queensboro Bridge Leads to Two Bedroom Apartments in the Middle of Long Island CityAround the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in Long Island City, Queens, there’s a new skyline in the works, in a place that never really had one before. In a recent NY Times article, the development named Court Square, 26 apartment buildings with more than 9,000 apartments in Long Island City are planned or underway.

Rockrose Development has played a major role in reinventing Court Square Station in Long Island City. Rockrose Development has presented The Hayden at 43-25 Hunter Street, a 51-story luxury, residential tower, featuring a distinctive glass façade with endless views of Manhattan. Rockrose Development’s team includes SLCE Architects for the building, and the interiors were designed by Span Architecture and JG Neukomm Architecture. The Hayden offers 974 spacious and lavish units from studio to 2 bedroom apartments for rent LIC NY. The Hayden has set aside 195 units – studio, 1 bedroom and two bedroom residences designated for affordable housing determined by a lottery. These affordable housing units have been assigned and in the processed of being leased.

Resort-style amenities and services are offered at The Hayden. There’s a 5,360 square foot, two-level fitness center and imagine doing yoga facing a grassy garden in the yoga studio. There is also a rare full-size basketball court, media room, library, children’s playroom, coffee bar, dog grooming station, bike storage and no fees. In addition, there is a roof deck with grills, manicured lawns, projector, multiple green spaces, numerous lounges including a solarium, the most useful valet and an on-site parking garage.

The apartments feature floor-to-ceiling windows, wood strip floors, granite counter tops, Frigidaire stainless steel appliances including built-in microwave, ceramic tiled floor in kitchen, Grohe bath fixtures, and Bosch Washer/Dryer in the unit.

For more information or to check on availability at The Hayden LIC, please visit their website.


Winter Wedding Ceremonies in NYC

Winter Weddings on the Rise!

two bedroom luxury apartments new york city

Winter weddings are growing in popularity, and December is now the #3 wedding month for brides, behind May and June — and with good reason. Having a winter wedding, from ceremony to reception, is guaranteed to make an impression in the memories of all your guests, simply because it’s different from all of the spring and summer weddings they typically attend. Although, June weddings are a dream, it’s the busiest month for weddings, so the chance that all of your top vendor picks will be available on the same date is pretty slim. But since December, January, and February are less popular among brides, they’re your best bet to get who you want and for less! You’ll find that many vendors are willing to cut you a deal during these cold-weather months. Another big reason to love a winter wedding is the idea of an island honeymoon! Justify an escape from the cold, and fly to a warm and sunny island for a sweet honeymoon adventure.

New York City Wedding Venues

Of course, Central Park makes a winter wedding dreamy and romantic but let’s see what else Manhattan has to offer.

New York Vintners located at 21 Warren Street in Tribeca. It’s not what you would generally think of as a wedding venue facility, but if you’re a wine lover, New York Vintners even offer wine pairing at your reception.

Located at the Chelsea Arts Tower at 545 West 25th Street, is the architecturally acclaimed building in the heart of Manhattan, The Glasshouses. The Glasshouses boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide spectacular views of the Hudson River, Downtown and Midtown Manhattan. The balconies offer the perfect place to view the magnificent sunset and evening city views. The clean white canvas look of The Glasshouses allows for all different décor and themes to fit right in, making it truly a unique winter wedding occasion.

620 Loft & Gardens at 620 Fifth Avenue may be a great fit for your winter wedding. On the roof of the British Empire Building, seven floors above the Rockefeller Center and looking out on St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue and Radio City Music Hall in an oasis of lush greens to celebrate your nuptials. In the winter, you’ll be able to see the ice skaters at Rockefeller Center’s beloved ice rink, as well as, the famous Christmas tree.

Central Park practically oozes romance. And tucked away in an area off East 74th Street is the Loeb Boathouse, a dining destination along The Lake that’s one of the park’s most sought-after places to get married. Weddings are held in the Lake Room, whose French doors and windows fill the space with natural light during the day and provide a means of seeing the watercolor sky at dusk. When the weather is nice, the fun spills out to the deck that overlooks the water. From there, guests can watch you and your partner be whisked away on a Venetian gondola, to savor your first moments as newlyweds.

Newlyweds Luxury NYC Apartments

one bedroom apartments manhattan

After the wedding cake and honeymoon, the newlyweds finally come home. Maybe, it’s time to start thinking about your family as you settle into married life. The Silver Towers at 620 West 42nd Street would be ideal with their two bedroom luxury apartments in New York City.  

The Silver Towers are twin residential buildings in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. The 60-story buildings stand on the west side of Eleventh Avenue between 41st Street and 42nd Street near the Hudson River, and contain 1,359 luxury units. Top notch service, health club, 75 foot long swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, doorman service, concierge service, on-site indoor parking, Spot Canine Club, Rooftop & Club 7 Lounge, and shuttle buses. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the public park with a children’s area on the west side of the towers.

One bedroom apartments at Manhattan’s Silver Towers will rent for $4,200 to $6,000 per month depending on the location of the unit. Two bedrooms range from $5,500 to $7,300 and well worth the price for the outstanding location and all the amenities.






The Flatiron District NY- a smart choice for renting a luxury apartment.

rent a luxury apartment around the Flatiron District
Want to move but haven´t yet decided to where? Have you heard about Flatiron District? This is a place that has become a top location where more and more people are choosing to live.

Find an apartment to rent in Flatiron District New York, and you won´t regret it!

Flatiron District is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is generally bounded by 20th Street, to the South Union Square and Greenwich Village, Six Avenue and Chelsea to the West and NoMad and 25th Street to the North. Gramercy Park would be the boundary to the east.

It is one of the city´s busiest neighborhoods, most of all along 5th Avenue and Park Avenue South.

Now I´ll give you a fact you will love!! Do you know how it got the nick-name Ladies´ Mile? It’s referred to Ladies´ Mile because of the fashionable row of department stores where ladies used to shop! Still nowadays, women love this location, it´s full of designer boutiques, photography studios, and model agencies. This is without a doubt the top location in Manhattan, and if you search for a Flatiron District apartment to rent you will fall in love with this place immediately!

The beautiful Madison Square Park is the heart of Flatiron District, with its green trees, bushes and nature.  You will be able to enjoy a relaxing walk through the park while breathing fresh air.

Also, enjoy concerts and local events organized in this area.  This area is visited by millions of tourists each year.

Taste the fine dining of New York City at restaurants such as Eleven-Madison Park, which ranks third on a 2016 list of the top 50 restaurants of the world! Or visit Gramercy Tavern, an expert in local ingredients you will love to try!

Love architecture? You can visit the most outstanding and iconic buildings, such as the Flatiron Building, known for its triangular shape, only six feet wide at its rounded narrow end.

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower is another interesting building to see.  This 700 feet tower has a clock with four faces, each of them three stories high and their minute hands weigh half a ton each!

Museum of Mathematics in New York City

The National Museum of Mathematics or MoMath is a museum dedicated to mathematics in Manhattan, New York City.


The MoMath (Museum of Mathematics) is the only cultural institution devoted to math in all of North America!

It is a great place for kids, where they will learn while having fun! So don´t worry if your little one is not a math lover, in this museum he will be amused!

Ok, so I believe, after reading all this info you are seriously considering to rent a luxury apartment around the Flatiron District! This is a wonderful place, not only to visit and do business, but also to call home!

So I’ve done a little research, and selected  a few apartments to rent in this neighborhood so you can get an idea of how much it costs.

Figure that a studio in the Flatiron District  averages around $3200/mo., a one bedroom apartment: $4000/mo., and a two bed apartment: $6200.

Now you know how cool it is to rent an apartment in this District.       It´s one of the most beautiful places in New York, and remember that if you decide to start a new life here, you will always have time to realx, and enjoy living like royalty!

“It’s a three-way tie. The architecture. The vibe. The food.”

(When asked about his favorite thing about the Flatiron District)

Marc Glosserman
Founder & CEO Hill Country Hospitality + local resident





Is it worth to choose an apartment for rent with swimming pool in NY?

Apartment for rent with swimming pool in NY



Are you planning to move to an apartment for rent with a swimming pool in NYC? Have you comsidered the pros and cons? Maybe you think having a pool at your building would be awesome, and in a certain way it is.

The problem comes when you have to pay the bill.  As you know, renting apartments with this kind of amenity makes a difference. Luxury apartments are based on amenities, and even if you ignore them, you have to pay its cost and additional charges. So, if you want to rent  these kind of apartments, you better make good use of it!

Now let´s analyze the pros and cons of renting an apartment with a swimming pool, so at the end you can decide which apartment you would like to choose.

According to you can find your apartment for rent starting from $1500/mo, but if you include all of the amenities, it can climb to $1995/mo. Maybe the cost is not a big deal for you, and there are also pros you can take into account. For example, having the chance to enjoy a swimming pool in the summer, when the heat is unbearable, or when the only thing you want to do is get a tan and relax! Kids will also love it! They will have fun and enjoy it even more than you do! So this is perfect! A swimming pool in New York is like an oasis in the middle of the desert!

If the building has an indoor swimming pool, it´s also a pleasure! Getting into the water and swimming while it´s freezing outside is a must! So in both cases a swimming pool is most enjoyable.

Although a swimming pool is a great place for recreation, there is an important con we shouldn´t ignore. Pools are potentially dangerous for kids, the risk of drowning exists, and we must be totally aware every time they are in the water, keeping a strict eye on them!

Another pro is that if you have a pool, you can plan a party with friends, be popular, spend quality time together, and socialize with drinks and a delicious barbecue!

But yet another con… Your friends will always want to party at your pool.  Don’t fool yourself, being the host all the time can be kind of stressful!

Renting an apartment with a swimming pool is a pro for people who love luxury and relaxing, but it’s a con to pay for its maintenance! It´s crystal- clear water should last over time, and someone must clean, vacuum, skim and chlorinate it regularly.

So when it comes to thinking about whether or not it´s a good idea to rent an apartment with a pool, you should consider its pros and cons and maybe you can think about renting an apartment with rooftop terrace in New York City instead!

My advice, whether you choose this amenity or not, search for no fee rentals near Bryant Park, this is a beautiful place to live and will make the difference!

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Professional Brokerage Team from NYC : “Potential Tenants asking about Pokemon Spots”

property management nyc company

3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 5 Pokemon…

When people go out to look for an apartment, they try to consider all the possible aspects which will make their living a comfortable one in that particular apartment. But nowadays people are looking for quite an unusual thing which normally people don’t ask for when they go out to look for an apartment.

You might be wondering, what are we talking about here? It has come to the attention of many brokerage firms, that people are now looking for the best housing opportunities  to catch “Pokemon”. Yes, you read it right. Nowadays, people want a place where they can catch as many pokemon as possible. If you still are confused, then be patient, we will clear it up for you.

Pokemon Go and its impact on Brokerage teams.

Pokemon Go is a gaming application launched recently, just a few months back, in which you have to catch Pokemon. We have all seen the famous cartoon show featuring “Pikachu” and it’s trainer “Ash” where they go out and catch Pokemon for themselves, then later on they use them for attacking the enemies.

In this game you will have to do the same. You will need to go out and catch Pokemon from different locations. The player with the greatest number of Pokemon will have a greater advantage later on. This Android based game is compatible with all smartphones available. The app itself tells the possible locations where you can catch Pokemon.

 Pokemon Go with Real Estate

If you are a Pokemon Go addict, you would definitely want a particular place where you can find a large number of Pokemon to catch. While keeping this in mind, many Pokemon Go players who are wondering about buying or renting an apartment are looking for the perfect destination where they will be able to find all the Pokemon just by sitting at their apartments.

Considering the growing demand of the game, some property management NYC company are trying to make Pokemon Go an opportunity for them to sell all their properties. A potential buyer from NYC states that he is making use of tools available from property management companies to compare the availability of Pokemon near their property.

This, in fact, has helped professional brokerage team NYC to sell the required property to the perfect tenants who were at the same time looking for Pokemon in and around the property. Although it is a temporary phenomenon, some people are taking it seriously.  At the same time, it is helping a lot of real estate agents to get their properties filled in a shorter amount of time.





5 Free Apps for Finding Your Bronx Apartments for Rent on Your iPad

The internet has transformed the environment of real estate with extraordinary search engines that can easily filter the housing options by dozens of means. Just stay on top of your search with your iPad and get the perfect Bronx apartment for rent.

bronx apartments for rent

A Bronx Zoo monkey using an Ipad. It seems he is moving soon 🙂

Make your life easy with the right apps when searching Bronx apartments for rent:          

Finding a Bronx apt for rent is like finding a partner. Though it may be quite difficult, the right app will help you rule out the ones that aren’t going to work for you.  Let’s have a look:

  • PadMapper: This particular app works in several cities and is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is one of the best for those people who want to have an apartment in the Bronx that is in close proximity tp where they live currently. This app is fast and simple to use.
  • HotPads: It is not as easy to navigate as the previous app- but it may be the better of the two, as it is more detailed. It needs people to create an account and targets those people who want to rent their apartments in the Bronx for longer- terms.
  • Lovely: It is very easy to navigate. After typing the desired location in the Bronx. This app uses filters to narrow down the kind of apartments you are longing for. The best thing about this app is, definitely, its zoom feature.
  • Walk Score: This app is quite unique, as it rates each and every residence by how long it actually takes to get someplace. People will have to type their desired location for Bronx apartments rental and then this app will automatically search the best options for you.
  • Apartment Finder: It caters to budget conscious and new renters. It also offers filters that aid apartment hunters in the Bronx to find the best deal within their budget.

Utility of Search Terms:

When you search for an apartment in the Bronx for rent, you can narrow your search by including details such area, schools or hospitals that are essential for you. Thus, you can save your time and energy. Apart from that, your search terms would aid you in finding the best apartment in the Bronx. Try “bronx apartments for rent” but also  “bronx apartments rental” and  “bronx apt for rent“.

Go for iPad Simulator:


If you don’t have an iPad, then you can also use iPad simulator, a Cloud OS that works impeccably for Google Chrome with iPad interface, so managing the web application will never be an issue.




3 Architects Whose High Rise Apartments Changed New York Landscape Forever

Architecture is nothing but a science and art for designing buildings, homes, and other large structures. This special kind of art and science influences the whole world in a beautiful manner.
high rise building apartment rentals new york

It has also left its footprint by designing New York City with extraordinary features. Surrounded by water, this city has one of the largest, most obscure collection of high-rise buildings in the world. The best part is that all of these buildings differ from one another just because of their unique and remarkable architecture.

Changing New York Landscape with skyscrapers:

If you ever visit New York, you will find high rise building apartments in Manhattan that are superbly designed by the architects which have completely changed the entire landscape.  This is the main reason why most people go for hi- rise apartments in Manhattan for rent.

So, if anyone wants the experience of a lifetime, then he/she would not miss an opportunity to live in these apartments. Only then, can one realize how these designers enrich all of the lives in New York City.

View of Quality High Rise Architecture:

If you look back, you will find several living examples of extraordinary architecture by great architects that can never be forgotten. Let’s have a look:

high rise building apartment rentals new york

  • Solomon R. Guggenheim          This Museum is definitely an embodiment of Frank Lloyd Wright’s attempt to extract the integral plasticity of the organic forms in the architecture. Wright’s reversed ziggurat, dispensed with a conventional approach to the museum design, led visitors through a series of interconnected rooms and forced them to repeat their steps while exiting. His design patterns modern architecture.

Zaha Hadid

  • Zaha Hadid is also one of the best architects of recent times. Hadid designed the entire 520 West 28th. Residents have magnificent views while residing in these skyscrapers. Completely influenced by the parallel practices which surround architecture, like design, urbanism and art, Hadid makes structures which speak of changing lifestyle. She recently died at the age of 65 after a hearth attack.

Bjarke Ingels

  • Bjarke Ingels, the Danish architect, has already gained massive popularity due to US Times Magazine as one of 100 most influential person of recent times. He is basically known for the buildings that challenge traditional architectural dimensions and conventions. His designs mainly incorporate sociological concepts and ecological development ideas, along with the sloped lines that are being shaped to their surroundings. One of his best known projects is the VIA 57 West Building.

So, if you want to experience the awesomeness of this city then you will have to go for high rise building apartment rentals New York.