The Park with the Chairs – Bryant Park

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There are almost 200 parks in Manhattan – from the smallest park, McNally Plaza, to the grand daddy of them all, Central Park. Somewhere in between is Bryant Park, known for the site of winter ice skating at The Pond, free summer movies on the lawn, and endless meals and meetings at its tables and chairs.

Bordering the New York Public Library, the park is an ideal resting spot for the thousands of tourists and residents who pass by its boundaries each day. Pull up a chair or hop on Le Carrousel to experience the charm of this Parisian-esque park! This Halloween, the ghoul-est party in town is at Le Carrousel in Bryant Park and everyone’s invited and it’s free.

The Story of Bryant Park

The first park at this site opened in 1847 as Reservoir Square. In 1884, Reservoir Square was renamed Bryant Park, to honor the New York Evening Post editor William Cullen Bryant. By the 1970s, Bryant Park had been taken over by drug dealersprostitutes and the homeless, and was considered a no-go area by ordinary citizens and visitors. The Bryant Park Restoration Corporation was founded in 1980, and has now become one of the most successful public-private parks in Manhattan. Now with a low crime rate, the park is filled with office workers on sunny weekdays, city visitors on the weekends, and revelers during the holidays. Daily attendance are ofeten in excess of 800 people per acre, making it the most densely occupied urban park in the world.

Modern Residences near Bryant Park NYC

With Midtown being centrally located, the area around Bryant Park is ideal for residential living. From street to street, the architecture varies from old to new. Residents are looking for new structures with modern amenities, and there are plenty of choices.

Bryant Park Tower, completed in 2006, is 44 stories tall. Located on the west blockfront on the Avenue of the Americas at 100 West 39th Street, it has 93 condominium apartments on its top 11 floors with all the modern amenities.

One57, formerly known as Carnegie 57, (nicknamed “The Billionaire Building”), is a 90-story supertall skyscraper at 157 West 57th Street in the Midtown neighborhood of Manhattan. Upon completion in 2014, it stood at 1,005 feet tall, making it one of the tallest residential buildings in the city. The building has 92 condominium units thast sit on top of a new Park Hyatt Hotel that has 210 rooms, which is set to become the flagship Hyatt property.

432 Park Avenue’s luxury condominium building is the tallest residential tower in the hemisphere. Topping out at 1,396 feet, it surpasses the Empire State Building (1,250 feet) and the Chrysler Building (1,046 feet) without its spire, and its rooftop is the highest in the city. For those who can afford the $95 million penthouse (units start at $7 million, currently available units start at $16.95 million), what awaits is a remarkable view 1,271 feet up in the sky.  The tower boasts 104 luxury condominium units, 10-foot-by-10-foot windows, private elevator landings, heated bathroom floors and the option to purchase a climate-controlled wine cellar.