Five New Apartments in Manhattan You Can Rent

An ideal way to find the best, luxurious residential apartment in Manhattan for rent is to research and compare your options.


To save you from wandering around different websites, we have compiled the most luxurious apartments in the best neighborhoods for you to choose from.

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Here are the top five eco-friendly, luxury apartments in NYC:

  1. River Place, Clinton

This high-end building features 920 luxury apartments for rent right in the heart of the city. At first sight of this towering 41-story glass building, you will know what luxury living is all about. The building is located right next to the Hudson River and promises incredible views and great luxury living.

  1. 2 Gold Street, Financial District

Clearly, you will find some of the finest residential options in the Financial District of Manhattan. There’s no way you can doubt the neighborhood or high-end living standards of this place. 2 Gold Street, in particular, is one of the most historic and luxurious residential options to rent.

This high-rise building boasts modern and elegant homes with amazing views and an incredible neighborhood.

  1. 20 Park Avenue, Murray Hill

In addition to an exotic floor plan, 20 Park Avenue residential amenities also include laundry service on every floor, multiple sundecks, lots of storage space and valet parking. Options for rental residences include studio, 1 BR, and 2 BR apartments.

Enjoy its modern attributes in this prestigious location of Manhattan.

  1. VIA 57 West

With a shape like a gleaming pyramid, get an instant boost for your urban living standards with the high-end facilities and amenities this exotic Manhattan residential apartment has to offer. This location perfectly blends the serenity of nature with the joy of city living. Located by the Hudson River, Via 57 West gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy living in the one of the most dynamic neighborhoods of New York.

Take a look:

  1. 37 Wall Street, Financial District

Quite famous by its name in the region, 37 Wall Street is one of the best and most luxurious rental apartments in the Financial District. The historic essence combined with posh living standards makes it a unique building in the region.


Right On Target – A New East Side Community Amenity for NYC Luxury Apartments

Retail stores near East side NYC luxury apartments with amenitiesWatch out Macys! There’s a new retailer in Midtown Manhattan. NYC welcomes a new Target store reported in the NY Times this month.

Macys has been the leading department store retailer for what seems like forever. And it’s no wonder! Founded in 1858 by R. H. Macy, Macys has been in business for 158 years. The products include clothing, footwear, accessories, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, and housewares. Macys is also very well known for conducting the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City since 1924 and has sponsored the city’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display since 1976.

The Target Corporation is the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States behind Walmart.  Founded in 1902 by George Dayton, the company was originally named the Dayton Company. The first Target store opened in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962. Target’s product line is far larger than Macys including food and at a discount.

The new Target store is 43,000 square feet and is expected to open in October at 112 W. 34th St., across the street from the Macy’s flagship store on Herald Square. The complete development at the location is about 92,000 square feet, and will have a Foot Locker, Sephora, and a Swatch store.

Not far from Midtown Manhattan is Murray Hill with its own new East Side NYC luxury apartments with amenities – House 39 at 225 East 39th Street. House 39’s studio, one, two and three bedroom residences feature luxurious interiors including floor-to-ceiling windows exposing outrageous views of Manhattan, chef-style kitchens, modern bathrooms, washer/dryer and a list of amenities that is sure to please everyone.

Interested in more information on House 39? you can visit their website at or give them a call at (212) 661-3900.


Winter Wedding Ceremonies in NYC

Winter Weddings on the Rise!

two bedroom luxury apartments new york city

Winter weddings are growing in popularity, and December is now the #3 wedding month for brides, behind May and June — and with good reason. Having a winter wedding, from ceremony to reception, is guaranteed to make an impression in the memories of all your guests, simply because it’s different from all of the spring and summer weddings they typically attend. Although, June weddings are a dream, it’s the busiest month for weddings, so the chance that all of your top vendor picks will be available on the same date is pretty slim. But since December, January, and February are less popular among brides, they’re your best bet to get who you want and for less! You’ll find that many vendors are willing to cut you a deal during these cold-weather months. Another big reason to love a winter wedding is the idea of an island honeymoon! Justify an escape from the cold, and fly to a warm and sunny island for a sweet honeymoon adventure.

New York City Wedding Venues

Of course, Central Park makes a winter wedding dreamy and romantic but let’s see what else Manhattan has to offer.

New York Vintners located at 21 Warren Street in Tribeca. It’s not what you would generally think of as a wedding venue facility, but if you’re a wine lover, New York Vintners even offer wine pairing at your reception.

Located at the Chelsea Arts Tower at 545 West 25th Street, is the architecturally acclaimed building in the heart of Manhattan, The Glasshouses. The Glasshouses boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide spectacular views of the Hudson River, Downtown and Midtown Manhattan. The balconies offer the perfect place to view the magnificent sunset and evening city views. The clean white canvas look of The Glasshouses allows for all different décor and themes to fit right in, making it truly a unique winter wedding occasion.

620 Loft & Gardens at 620 Fifth Avenue may be a great fit for your winter wedding. On the roof of the British Empire Building, seven floors above the Rockefeller Center and looking out on St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue and Radio City Music Hall in an oasis of lush greens to celebrate your nuptials. In the winter, you’ll be able to see the ice skaters at Rockefeller Center’s beloved ice rink, as well as, the famous Christmas tree.

Central Park practically oozes romance. And tucked away in an area off East 74th Street is the Loeb Boathouse, a dining destination along The Lake that’s one of the park’s most sought-after places to get married. Weddings are held in the Lake Room, whose French doors and windows fill the space with natural light during the day and provide a means of seeing the watercolor sky at dusk. When the weather is nice, the fun spills out to the deck that overlooks the water. From there, guests can watch you and your partner be whisked away on a Venetian gondola, to savor your first moments as newlyweds.

Newlyweds Luxury NYC Apartments

one bedroom apartments manhattan

After the wedding cake and honeymoon, the newlyweds finally come home. Maybe, it’s time to start thinking about your family as you settle into married life. The Silver Towers at 620 West 42nd Street would be ideal with their two bedroom luxury apartments in New York City.  

The Silver Towers are twin residential buildings in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. The 60-story buildings stand on the west side of Eleventh Avenue between 41st Street and 42nd Street near the Hudson River, and contain 1,359 luxury units. Top notch service, health club, 75 foot long swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, doorman service, concierge service, on-site indoor parking, Spot Canine Club, Rooftop & Club 7 Lounge, and shuttle buses. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the public park with a children’s area on the west side of the towers.

One bedroom apartments at Manhattan’s Silver Towers will rent for $4,200 to $6,000 per month depending on the location of the unit. Two bedrooms range from $5,500 to $7,300 and well worth the price for the outstanding location and all the amenities.






Whats New in Affordable Apartments for Rent in Midtown NY in 2017

39th street residences nyc

When you get into a conversation with your friends about the places they have lived, and the trending lifestyles, has anyone ever said they wished housing was more affordable?  What exactly is affordable?

It’s a great question and the answer is different for each and every one of us.  Housing is considered affordable when a household spends no more than 30% of its income on rent.

What is the New York City Affordable Housing Plan?

Mayor de Blasio’s affordable housing plan will create 200,000 units of affordable housing through both preserving 120,000 existing affordable housing units and building 80,000 additional units in the next 10 years. 

Is there a difference between affordable housing and low-income housing?

Yes, there’s a difference between affordable housing and the New York City Housing Authority aka NYCHA housing. The latter oversees public housing projects that are reserved for low-income families. NYCHA developments are built with federal, state, or city funds and are exempt from certain local laws. The national Section 8 program, which allows tenants to put 30 percent of their income towards rent in privately-owned buildings with the federal program subsidizing the difference falls under NYCHA as well.

Do I qualify and how do I apply for an apartment?

There’s no one formula to find out if you qualify for affordable housing. Qualifications for obtaining affordable housing is based on household income falling between a particular development’s upper and lower limits; household members meeting guidelines, a history of good credit—and obviously, no legal, criminal or housing issues. New York City Housing Preservation and Development aka HPD has a centralized portal called NYC Housing Connect, which allows users to create a profile, search housing lotteries that are currently accepting applications, and, in some cases, apply to buildings right online (others still require a snail mail application request). According to the portal, “After the deadline, applications are selected for review through a lottery process. If your application is selected and you appear to qualify, you will be invited to attend an interview to continue the process of determining your eligibility. Interviews are usually scheduled from 2 to 10 months after the application deadline. You will be asked to bring documents that verify your household size, identity of members of your household, and your household income.

What Affordable Housing apartments for rent in Midtown New York are available in 2017?

There are four new residential apartment buildings for 2017 – American Copper Buildings, 555Ten, 507 West 28th Street and 225 East 39th Street Apartments aka House 39.

American Copper Buildings are two “dancing” copper-faced towers, connected 300 feet up by a giant, three-story skybridge in the Kips Bay neighborhood of New York City. Soaring 48 stories high these jaunty towers will be the future home of 761 families of which 160 apartment units have been set aside for Affordable Housing.

555Ten is a 53 story, 610-foot-tall glass encased tower quietly rising at 555 Tenth Avenue and 41st Street. Of its 600 units, 120 of the apartments for rent in Midtown New York will be for Affordable Housing offering a rooftop swimming pool, fitness floor, and 24-hour concierge plus on-site pet care. 555Ten is scheduled to open September 2016.

507 West 28th Street has been officially christened the Maestro Chelsea West with a 35-story, 220-unit tower at 323 Tenth Avenue, and two adjoining 13-story buildings at 507 West 28th Street that provide an additional 155 rentals. It will offer 75 affordable housing units with initial costs ranging from $596/month for a studio to $979/month for a two-bedroom.  Amenities for the rentals include a recreation room, a roof deck, and a gym. 

Cool, blue and curvy, the 225 East 39th Street Apartments also known as House 39 is located in Murray Hill and scheduled to open early 2017. House 39 is 36 stories high, contains 373 apartment rentals including 75 apartments for Affordable Housing. 225 East 39th Street offers an impressive pack of amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, children’s playroom, hot tub and sauna, yoga studio, lounges, a café, a library, game room, outdoor terrace, courtyard garden, 35th floor roof deck with cabanas and barbecue stations, bike storage and on-site parking.

A New York minute walk to Grand Central Station and the 33 Street Subway Station, House 39’s location is ideal a deal not to pass up.





5 reasons it´s hard to find good available apartments in Manhattan

Finding a good available apartment is kind of difficult but finding a good available apartment IN Manhattan, is almost impossible!

available apartments in manhattan

available apartments in manhattan

I went through this stressful experience a few years ago when I decided to move from New Jersey to the Big Apple. Believe me, I learned a lot about it. So I´m going to reveal my most precious secret so you don´t have to go through the same thing I did (yes I know, I´m unique J)

What happens when you are looking for an available apartment in Manhattan? Thousands of other people are looking for it too! Maybe you get lucky, and find it right away.  Best of all, at an incredible price, but I´m afraid to say that those things don´t happen IRL!
Ok, so you just found the apartment of your dreams.  You called to see if it’s available, and you get answer you´ve been waiting to hear for so long: “yes it is!”

You are really excited, full of adrenaline, until you think for a while and…FACEPALM, you think: “How did I miss asking its price!!!”. When you find out the price (you´d prefer not to hear it) you suddenly cry out: “BUT THAT´S TOO DAMN HIGH!! I CAN´T AFFORD THAT PRICE, EVEN IF I ROBBED A BANK!!” Oops! Anyway, if you get that frustrated feeling that you can´t afford nice apartments or that you always come late and another B #@% rents the apartment of your dreams, don´t give up and read these tips!

1. Create Google Alerts- Google is a good pal and will never fail u!

Want to rent an apartment in a particular neighborhood? Ask Google to let you know immediately when one is available! And if the alert sounds in the middle of an important business meeting, GET OUT! And go for it! It could be your last chance! I.e. “available apartment Manhattan“, “empire state building view apartments for rent” or “luxurious apartment rentals in Manhattan” may be good google alerts you can set here: and you can get alerts in your email any time an available apartment is updated on a website like this:

2. Use the classic Newspaper-Ancient??? BUT EFFECTIVE!

Always keep your daily newspaper under your arm just like in the old days! You can find publications of apartments you won´t find on the internet, and it will keep you updated with the latest news!

3. Ask your friends!!- They´ll do anything for you!!

Love the building where your best friend is living right now, but there´s no chance you can move in together? Ask him to alert you as soon as an apartment is available! Even if he has to knock on his neighbors door to ask, I´m sure he´ll do that for you….and more!

4. Offer a Real Estate independent Agent an extra fee- Juicy temptation

Come on! Be honest! Who doesn´t like to get some extra cash??? Need a nice affordable apartment? Ok, offer a Real Estate Independent Agent an extra fee and I´m sure he´ll be eager to find that apartment that suits your needs…in minutes!

5. Browse the web-Specialized Real Estate Agents are waiting for you!

The internet can help you out with anything you need, well not anything, but with ALMOST ANYTHING you need, so take advantage of it. There are specialized Real Estate websites where you will be able to search for your ideal apartment according to its price, location, number of bedrooms, etc! So come on! Don´t get left behind and start now !

So I have just revealed my best kept secret!!! I hope you make good use of it and go rule the Real Estate world!!

Good luck!