Professional Brokerage Team from NYC : “Potential Tenants asking about Pokemon Spots”

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3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 5 Pokemon…

When people go out to look for an apartment, they try to consider all the possible aspects which will make their living a comfortable one in that particular apartment. But nowadays people are looking for quite an unusual thing which normally people don’t ask for when they go out to look for an apartment.

You might be wondering, what are we talking about here? It has come to the attention of many brokerage firms, that people are now looking for the best housing opportunities  to catch “Pokemon”. Yes, you read it right. Nowadays, people want a place where they can catch as many pokemon as possible. If you still are confused, then be patient, we will clear it up for you.

Pokemon Go and its impact on Brokerage teams.

Pokemon Go is a gaming application launched recently, just a few months back, in which you have to catch Pokemon. We have all seen the famous cartoon show featuring “Pikachu” and it’s trainer “Ash” where they go out and catch Pokemon for themselves, then later on they use them for attacking the enemies.

In this game you will have to do the same. You will need to go out and catch Pokemon from different locations. The player with the greatest number of Pokemon will have a greater advantage later on. This Android based game is compatible with all smartphones available. The app itself tells the possible locations where you can catch Pokemon.

 Pokemon Go with Real Estate

If you are a Pokemon Go addict, you would definitely want a particular place where you can find a large number of Pokemon to catch. While keeping this in mind, many Pokemon Go players who are wondering about buying or renting an apartment are looking for the perfect destination where they will be able to find all the Pokemon just by sitting at their apartments.

Considering the growing demand of the game, some property management NYC company are trying to make Pokemon Go an opportunity for them to sell all their properties. A potential buyer from NYC states that he is making use of tools available from property management companies to compare the availability of Pokemon near their property.

This, in fact, has helped professional brokerage team NYC to sell the required property to the perfect tenants who were at the same time looking for Pokemon in and around the property. Although it is a temporary phenomenon, some people are taking it seriously.  At the same time, it is helping a lot of real estate agents to get their properties filled in a shorter amount of time.





3 Reasons Why You Would need a Professional Brokerage Team in NYC

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These days, more people think about selling their properties in NYC on their own. While it may work, it’s still recommended for you to hire a professional real estate broker to get the most out of a deal. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional brokerage team in NYC:

  • Save Energy

Not everyone masters the art of negotiating. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, you can save your energy and prevent stress from the complicated negotiation process. It doesn’t stop at negotiating; your broker can handle all of the legal paperwork.

  • Save Time

Who have the time to review listings, schedule and arrange property tours, write offers, negotiate terms and deal with the legal paperwork? Real estate is, generally, not the sole business of many property owners. By hiring a professional broker, you will have more time on your hands to focus on your other job. You can trust your broker to deal with the technical aspects of your real estate business and get the optimal terms.

If you are a buyer, your days of window shopping and comparing properties are over. You let your broker know your needs and let THEM go through ads, while you deal with the stress of packing and moving.

  • Save Money

If you’re a property owner, yes, you would have to pay a commission on the deal. However, the price is nothing compared to the cost you’d have to pay for property repair if you’re held responsible for it on the contract. Imagine what the cost of repair and maintenance would be on a big, valuable property . Your broker can request the tenants be responsible for some of the repair and maintenance of many utility systems which already exist on the property.

If you’re a buyer, rest assured, your broker won’t charge you a fee. Not to mention that your broker can get you the most reasonable price on the property. You can save a lot of money if your broker is good at negotiating. Let’s say the asking price on the property is $2/SF—your broker may just seal the deal at $1.50/SF with payment terms that benefit you. Furthermore, the extra money in your budget can be allocated for buying new furniture for your new place. You can even have enough to do a little remodeling on the property.