New York dream buildings: Liberty View.-

dream buildings nyc

New York City is the perfect place for dreaming.


Wow! I really love writing this article because I can´t wait to share, with you, my experience at Liberty-View in Battery Park NYC. I´m a fan and great admirer of beauty and these Suites really have it all.

I´ll start this story from the beginning: My friends and I decided to take a trip to Disney Parks in Orlando, FL, definitely a must see place you want to visit. Needless to say, we enjoyed its games like 8 year-old kids!

Our stay in Disney was fantastic! Ffun and non-stressful, as trips with friends usually are! I had also planned to travel to NYC by myself, as I have cousins who live in Manhattan… so why not surprise them with a visit? A bigger risk could just be my cousins hiding in the backyard until I stop knocking in the door and leave!  🙂

Fortunately, this was not the case, so for a few days I stayed at their house having an incredible time… you know: gossiping about every member of our family, latest divorces, breaking news about boyfriends and details about every aunts recent surgery. Then, after a week, I decided to continue my trip through New York but choosing a place that would really delight me.

I chose to stay at Liberty-View (yes I´m no fool duh! ) , because the environment to me really makes the difference and this place, as its name says, offers fantastic views to the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River and its surroundings.

I´m going to give you five reasons of why I would choose Liberty View over and over again.

1. The best view EVER!-Enjoy its green surroundings.

Stay at a place where you can enjoy it to the fullest in every possible way. At Liberty-View you can enjoy its fantastic views of the Statue of Liberty, and breathe the fresh air. Feel alive and blessed to stay at a place like this, and try not to be depressed once you are back at home, when you probably will need a high end telescope to look at something interesting from your windows.

2. Comfortable and beautiful suites-combining fine furnishing with excellent quality service.

Liberty-View will turn your own place to rest into a dream place. The finest furniture & comfortable beds, together with beautiful views will definitely make you want to come back again and again. At least until your credit card gets rejected.

3. Beautiful sundeck- get a tan and really feel like you are on vacation!

It would definitely be a great idea for you to stay at Liberty-View in the spring or summer!  This residential building in Battery Park has wrap-around terraces. 

Enjoy its beautiful rooftop with colorful plants and flowers while you get a tan.  Enjoy panoramic views of the Hudson River! But please remember that you can´t just take them as souvenirs. And the same is true about towels.

4. Weekly maid services- get fresh towels and linens

Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the pleasure of staying at a place that has it all. Excellent service and a helpful staff that will make your stay a real dream come true. And you will not need a boyfriend to get breakfast in bed!

5. The best location, far from everything…near everything!

Enjoy staying at a place that will offer you the exact location you were looking for. A place with the tranquility and comfort of a neighborhood and the convenience of the magic city of New York. Everything you want YOU GOT IT HERE!

I guess after this review you´ll definitely consider staying at this wonderful place! ;), it´s cool, it´s nice and convenient. Enjoy the best time in the best place and plan your next vacation here.  Good luck!