Apartments in Midtown West NYC

nyc apartments midtown westManhattan is where all of the action is in the Big Apple. Living in an apartment in Midtown West NYC gives an “unfair” advantage of being able to have it all. The River Place apartments combine the superior location with luxury apartment living to create a world you want to be a part of.

Fitness & Health

Being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle in New York City should be as convenient as going home. Therefore, when you are a resident at River Place, you get the advantage of having a state-of-the-art fitness center right in your building. The facility features a weight training room, cardio equipment and a Pilates studio. For those who like a little competition, there is a 75-foot long indoor swimming pool, as well as, an indoor basketball court, and outdoor tennis courts.


Valet parking and a private drive make coming home to River Place all that more welcoming. The parking garage connects to the rest of the building, allowing residents not to have to step one foot outdoors.

River Pace is proud to offer a shuttle bus.  Midtown West is a convenient location in Manhattan but the River Place shuttle bus is there to make it even easier to get to all major subway lines, Time Square, and the bus terminal. Residents have the opportunity to take advantage of the shuttle service to help them save time and make living in NYC even more convenient.


On the east side of the River Place building there is an artfully designed park featuring a giant play sculpture for children to climb on. The park is designed to be an inviting space for residents to enjoy time outdoors. Within the landscaping, there are tables and chairs for picnicking, or there are lounge chairs for soaking up the sun. Since River Place is a pet-friendly apartment community, there is also an enclosed dog run so your pet can get their much-needed exercise.

Living in an unparalleled location, combined with the ultimate fitness facility, easily accessible transportation, and a park right on property can’t really get much more convenient than that. NYC apartments in Midtown West were created to be the best place to live in the greatest location in the city.




Midtown west apartments NYC

What's in store from the Midtown west apartments NYC?

In spite of the fact that the fundamental purpose of having a condo is to have a place you can call home, to begin your climb on the stepping stool of life.  You will discover yourself being pulled into the extravagant lifestyle  of lofts. Despite the fact, these lofts are associated with the more “well to do” who earn heaps of cash at their job, there are still some Midtown west apartments NYC available when you get tired of living in your normal extravagant flat. Much the same as their title proposes, you should be prepared to walk away when the rent increases, which does  happen in these extravagant flats. In spite of the fact that they are reasonable, they are still higher than your normal, everyday loft.

What’s in store from the Midtown west apartments NYC?

The name midtown west apartments, essentially, suggests that the loft has been designed to make you feel more comfortable when compared to the alternative kind flats. With this sinformation, you should realize the furniture in these lofts will be of higher quality and a great deal more comfortable. Since these condos come fully furnished, you would hope to discover quality furniture in the flat, along with other pieces of quality art in the loft. With these furnishings, you will be sure to live it up in the solace of any of the midtown apartments.

With these apartments, comes the added bonus of having high class security. These flats use outside security firms to make sure everybody living in the condo feels safe. Moreover, the neighborhood these lofts are in are all protected, and this adds to the peace of mind of the individuals and families living in these flats. You will be inclined to agree that having a secure neighborhood, makes you feel safe. Which is the one major thing that these flats offer the residents.

There are those Midtown west apartments NYC that, thumbs up, offer their occupants access to the recreational facilities, like a swimming pool.  In the event that you adore swimming, you will have the chance to get to the swimming pool, at your convenience, without needing to go from place to place to get in a good swim. They also have play areas for children. If you have children, they will be able to enjoy themselves in the available play area. This is exactly why you have to come check out the midtown west apartments.




The Convenience of Living at Parkchester

Parkchester apartment rental, Bronx NYC

Living in New York City, it seems like it always takes far more time than necessary to get every day life tasks done. Having to get on and off the subway while running errands is not only frustrating, it’s not a productive use of time. Wasting time is the last thing a New Yorker has to waste in this bustling city. Being able to live in a community where everything is close to home would be a dream come true for most people in the city. Well, welcome to Parkchester apartments.

A Self-Contained Community

What does this mean? Well, it means that all of your daily needs can be met within the confines of the apartment complex. From the beginning of the Parkchester apartment complex, it has been designed in a way to bring convenience to its’ thousands of residents. Sitting pretty on 129 acres of land, you will find parks, stores, medical care and entertainment all out your front door.


With nearly 100 stores in Parkchester, you are sure to find it easy to get what you need without having to walk too far. Included in Parkchester you will find New York’s first Macy’s store. Everyday errands can be done easily with the various supermarkets, banks, bakeries, shoe stores, laundry facilities, drug stores, barbershops, and gift stores. This is what a vibrant self-contained community is best known for. Bringing ease and convenience to its’ residents.


You better believe that with 129 acres there is outdoor space to enjoy. From shaded paths, grassy lawns, leafy trees and flowering shrubs, there is no shortage of outdoor entertainment. Making it easy to spend a day at one of the larger parks like Van Cortland Park and Pelham Bay Park, to name a couple.

Medical Care

Whether or not you just need a yearly check-up, or are having a medical emergency, you will have easy access when living in Parkchester. With five hospitals and numerous clinics and pharmacies, you won’t have to worry about going out of your way to get the medical care you need. Everyday type of care such as dental and optical care is readily available if you are looking for this type of non-emergency medical care.

Parkchester in the Bronx, is a well designed, self-contained community that brings the convenience of everyday life to its occupants. With nice 1,2 or 3 bedroom affordable apartments for rent, you and your family are sure to be happy here.




Great Schools and the Best Park in the Bronx

Apartment for rent in Bronx near Schools and Parks.

You can’t believe everything you hear about New York City. Each neighborhood has its’ own flavor, which makes this city exciting to live in.  Also, each borough or neighborhood has a certain stigma and reputation that it may or may not live up to everyday. The Bronx is one of the most misunderstood area of the Big Apple that is actually a really wonderful place to live. To rent a luxury apartment in the Bronx is to have easy access to many great things, two of which are schools and parks. With a variety of schools and universities, there are wonderful opportunities to grow and learn. A bonus to living in the Bronx is that you have close access to the Bronx Park, which is one of the largest and best parks in all of New York.

Lots of Schools

Moving to the Bronx might be the best decision you make for you and your family. With dozens of academic institutions, there is plenty of learning to be done for those in every age group. From top universities like Fordham University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and a handful of others, you are sure to get a well-rounded college education. Plus, with many highly rated charter schools and academies, you can be sure that the kids will be learning what they need for the future as well.

Bronx Park: The Best Park

Living in the Bronx, you are sure to be near many parks. This borough offers more parks and outdoor space than most other parts of NYC. With a long list of park to choose from, Bronx Park is at the top of the list for best park in all of New York City. Known for its’ beautiful outdoor space and diverse wildlife, New Yorkers will cross the entire city just to spend the day in Bronx Park. Within the park there is a 2-mile stretch of river that really makes you feel like you are not in the city any longer. With a nice combination of floodplain, forest and red maple hardwoods growing along the riverbanks, this might just become your favorite outdoor spot in the city.

Bronx Park is most famous for being the home of the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden. Both being very well known places that are well worth visiting multiple times. Visitors of the park will easily be able to find something to entertain themselves. From the multiple playgrounds, miles of bicycle paths, basketball and tennis courts, and baseball, football and soccer fields, it is not likely, that you have a boring day at the park.

With so many amenities in one park, Bronx Park in itself, is one of the many reasons to move to the Bronx, in order to take advantage of all the outdoor fun that can be had within the city limits.

Check-out Parkchester Apartments for yourself:





Overview of Living at Parkchester Apartments

Convenient apartments near Riverdale, Bronx

Not too far from Riverdale in the Bronx, you will find the wonderful Parkchester community. With all of the conveniences that you could ever want in the city and with the very valuable perk of having affordable housing. Here is a snapshot of what life is like living in these Riverdale, Bronx apartments.

Apartment Info

Having choices of  studios, one, two or three bedroom apartments makes living and growing your family in Parkchester apartments very possible. With over 6,000 apartments on property, people are constantly moving around making it possible to find the apartment size you are looking for. Plus, you will get more bang for your buck in the Bronx vs. living in Manhattan. You will find these apartments are  spacious and bright. Great windows throughout, even in the kitchens and bathrooms. You won’t have to worry about living in a tiny cave, like most overly priced apartments in Manhattan. There are modern appliances in the kitchen, so you don’t need to worry about it being an eyesore that you have to deal with every day.

Onsite and Local Conveniences

With over 100 retail stores and multiple offices in the area, living in the city has never been more convenient. You will find Starbucks, a post office, and banks within walking distance of your apartment.  Making these daily errands convenient and more enjoyable. Also, onsite and/or nearby are many restaurants, medical facilities and retail stores. So you will still have a variety of choices to eat without having to be downtown.


Transportation is always one of the most potentially frustrating things about living in one of the world’s largest cities. Parkchester is so easy, because it has its own subway stop on the 6. It only takes 30 minutes to get down to Midtown. There is also the option to take the express bus into Manhattan, which has a lot less stops than a regular bus route. If you are going other places and want to hop in your car, there is direct access to 3 major highways. Connecting you with NJ and the rest of the state of New York.

Looking to get out of the wildly expensive Manhattan, yet still looking for all of the conveniences of living in the hub of the city? Well these apartments near Riverdale, Bronx are sure to be a nice fit for you and your family. With easy access to many amenities of daily life and apartments that are both spacious and bright, you can’t get a better deal in the NYC. Plus, only a 30 min. train ride into Midtown, makes moving to the Bronx very possible.