How To Decorate Your Rental Apartment


Bronx NYC-06Those who live in rental apartments can testify on the importance of decorating an apartment. It feels good to be in a house that is lively and this can only be achieved by good taste in décor. Bachelors have the tendency of having just what is necessary and nothing more. Well, there are several ways you can decorate your house without looking extravagant.

Flowers in a pot

The type of flower is left up to you to decide, because you know what you like. With that said, having plants or flowers in a pot is more decorative than having them in a vase. This will add a personal touch to your apartment, and people visiting will notice that you haven’t lost touch with nature even if you are living in an apartment. You can use just green plants or play around with different color schemes to accentuate your living space.

Customize your living space

When people hear the word décor, they immediately think of adding something to the apartment. Décor does not always mean bringing in new stuff, painting everything or buying expensive artifacts. Customizing your apartment is part of good décor. It starts with having furniture that is custom made according to you vision. You can have a pull-out couch, which by day it is a sofa and by night it is a bed to accommodate your guest. Don’t go for a standard table or TV stand.  Having them hand made to fit your unique style is one way to customize your space.

Try making statements

Don’t take this literally, but try doing it by bringing in something that stands out when someone steps into your house. Bronx apartments for rent  give you the opportunity to have a very beautiful home. This is where artifacts come in handy. However, don’t go picking all types of antiques to stuff into your house.  Just pick one or two that will be strategically placed, so they are noticed as soon as your guests enter the house . When a guest arrives, and goes straight to the antiques or comments about them, you will know that you have made a statement.

How about removing the vertical blinds

Leave the vertical blinds to places like a hospital. It is a good thing apartment in Bronx offer maximum privacy, because you no longer need those vertical blinds. If you feel that your windows look naked, then a sheer curtain could be a an alternative for decorating them. Sometimes open windows show a sense of freedom in you and people will also feel liberated when they step into your home.




Rental Apartment Growth In Bronx


Bronx NYC-05Real estate does not seem to go out of business because houses are always in demand. This is exactly what is happening in the Bronx, as the number of rental apartments continue to grow. As a tenant, you will have the opportunity to live in new apartments with a modernized touch. It appears that the growth of rental apartments in the Bronx is a result of people moving into town. Growth in rental apartments is mainly facilitated when more people want to rent in the area for various reasons.

Apartments are cheaper than other towns

If you thought apartments were quite affordable in towns such as Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey, then try the Bronx. Apartments are way cheaper in the Bronx, accommodating a variety of income levels. You will find that many people are going to live in Bronx because they are priced out of their current residence. It wouldn’t be fair to have tenants feeling strainedto live in higher priced apartments when they can get the same type of apartment somewhere else at lower price. Does this goive you a better picture of why the market is growing for rental apartments?

Close proximity to New Jersey

It has been noted that many applicants for apartments in the Bronx are coming from New Jersey. The main reason people are moving to this town is because the commute to the city becomes easier for them. It makes a lot of sense for a person to get an apartment at a lower price, and having an easier commute to work. It is understandable that renters want to cut costs as much as possible, because of economic recessions being experienced all over the world.

 Increased safety

Rental apartments will grow in communities where there is maximum security. Tenants are attracted to live in places where they feel their families and friends are safe.  As a result, people experience a more stable environment, and want to be part of that type of community . Bronx apartments are growing because renters have are starting to see that it is a safe place to live with their families. No one wants to rent an apartment where they live in fear of being attacked. When security is beefed up, the rent is likely to increase due to the fact that more resources will be necessary to ensure ones safety.

Ne architectural house designs

The real estate companies are engaging in new projects, building apartments with new architectural designs. Everyone wants to experience these new designs, hence are moving to areas within the Bronx.  Growth of rental apartments can only be linked with the growing number of tenants in one town. This kind of growth will continue to be experienced, so long as the conditions we have mentioned exist.




How To Use Craigslist To Find Best Rental Apartments In Bronx


Bronx NYC-04At this point, many people are already familiar with Craigslist, where different things are posted for the public to access. The situation is not different when it comes to rental houses. Craigslist has made is easier, especially, when it comes to searching for nice apartments. Here is how Craigslist operates to make your searches better and faster.

Use filters

Take, for example, that you want to live in the Bronx near Country Club; all you need to do is type in a minus sign to separate the two words. Instead of going through all the apartments in the Bronx, you will just have to filter in the specific place you are looking for. If don’t filter you search, you will end up going through every apartment listing that is not relevant.

Stay online

Craigslist is a frequently visited website which indicates that there are apartment listings that many people are trying to acquire. If you don’t stay online then you might loose your opportunity of finding the best apartment. Apartments, more so those Bronx apartment rentals , are in high demand and can go off the market quickly. See the importance of staying online and frequently visiting the website?

Use a map view

When you log on to Craigslist, you will notice that it is a large website used by many cities. You can use the map view to locate the place you want to find the best rental apartments in the Bronx.  Map views are more specific and straight forward. You will save a lot of time because you will quickly spot different apartments at the same time.

Use keywords in your search

Keep in mind that apartments vary with regards to features, facilities and location. You might just want to fill in the exact apartment with desired amenities. For instance, the Bronx is a town with different types of apartments, such as condos and studio apartments, among others. Maybe you want a two bedroom house with a swimming pool. That is exactly what you type into your search engine.

Ensure safety

Some people have bad intensions of conning those who are not well informed on the internet, and Craigslist is one of those places. In as much as the website assures users of limited fraud, that does not eradicate the fact that some of them do exist. In other words, make sure you are searching for an apartment from familiar listings so that you don’t get conned. Fraudsters are aware of how desperate tenants can be when ooking for a good apartment and use this as bait to deceive people. In any case, don’t try to wire money electronically if you are asked, because you might just be falling into a trap. Don’t disclose your personal information to a stranger and stay safe.





How To Locate Inexpensive Rental Apartments In Bronx


Bronx NYCWhether you are a first timer or an experienced renter, it is a relief to know that apartments you are looking for are affordable. Of course, the  Bronx is a place that has apartments with affordable prices for a variety of income levels. You will have an opportunity to get a cheaper apartment hence; you don’t have to spend extra money on others with similar features.

Move away from the Central Business District

Apartments within the center of the city tend to be more expensive as compared to those that are a bit distant. Maybe living close to the center of the city is your preference or your own convenience, but if you want an apartment with lower prices, then you need to move. Central Business District is where commercial activities take place, meaning that apartments in such areas will be charged like most commercial spaces and the rent is a bit higher.

Settle for the lower market price

When you go through various listings, especially Bronx apartment rental, you will see that rental prices differ. Consider apartments with a lower price range within your budget, and decide if it is within your desired location.  After all, what you are looking for is an apartment that is not expensive, and expensive is something beyond your budget.

Be a negotiator

Those prices you see displayed on the listings are not always the final price. You can get a good agent, who will give you a percentage off, more so, if you make full payments in advance. There are those agents who never miss good offers for their clients to make more sales. Take this opportunity to land yourself an inexpensive apartment. Agents can be very lenient if they want to be.

Early hunting

It may sound so cliché saying the early bird catches the worm, but that is just the truth. If you start looking for an apartment early enough, you eill increase your chances of finding that cheaper apartment you have been hoping for. Starting early means that you will get to see many apartments before your due date, so you can find that one that doesn’t over charge you.  Now you know exactly what to do so that you can get your hands on that  apartment  with a favorable price.

Go with off-peak season

There is a season for everything, even in renting apartments. During the holidays, many people are usually on the move from one town to the next, looking for apartments to rent for a short stay. This is the time you should lay low, and wait unitl the holiday season is over and verything has gone back to normal. During off seasons apartments are in lower demand, thus the rental prices are reduced.





5 Tips To Rent Your Apartment In Bronx


Bronx NYCRenting a house is not something that you can wake up on a random day and start doing. This is an insinuation that there are certain protocols or factors someone has to take into consideration before renting out their own apartments.

Get a professional to do it for you

Yes, it is your apartment and it is very true that renting it out might not be as easy as it seems. If you are not sure how the real estate market operates, then you need to get a professional, who is well versed in this area. The reason for hiring a professional is to enable you, and the expected tenant to follow the correct procedures according the law.

Background check

For your own security, it is very important to know who the tenant is. A background check enables you to know exactly who you are dealing with. You don’t want to find yourself renting to a serial killer. People looking for Bronx apartment for rent have to be screened to improve security. Maybe you have an apartment in a very private neighborhood and it is important the other residents feel at ease with the new tenant.

Set a top market price

In case you are targeting renters who will pay a premium, then this is the way to go. It is better dealing with such a renter because mode of payment is straight forward. Picking the best candidate to rent your apartment can be time consuming. Furthermore, you will be at ease with a tenant paying a premium because they already know what they want.


Arrival of the internet has made life easier and cheaper for everyone; thanks to technology. The internet is one place you can choose to post your ad, or add it to other listings within your area. Renters will get to see your vacant apartment on display thus enabling you to rent it quickly. Facebook and Craigslist are good platforms for advertisement. Renters are all over the place looking for better deals on rental apartments on the internet, hence; you won’t miss anyone looking to rent your place.

Have a management company handle the apartment

It is natural to assume that as the person renting your apartment, you will not always be available to manage this property. This is a good reason for you to hire a management company to take care of the apartment whenever there is a request for maintenance or for collecting the rent. In other words, property managers take care of the apartment and taking care of all the procedures to be followed by the renters. More so, the management company keeps the portfolio of the apartment.




7 Reasons To Buy Apartments In Bronx


Bronx NYCThe Bronx happens to be part of New York City where real estate is booming, meaning that different types of apartments are available there. This is to say that in case you are interested in having a house in the Bronx then you can always opt to buy one. For the same reason, you have to consider good reasons for purchasing an apartment in the Bronx.

Buying a house is an investment

Buying a house is very different from renting a house. When you buy an apartment, it simply means the property is will be transferred into your name. Once you have an apartment of your own, you will no longer pay monthly rent because your status changes to a home owner.

Gain Independence

Picture a rented apartment, where you have to follow all the rules set by the landlord that you might not even agree with. This already indicates how the situation will change if you get an apartment of your own. Purchasing your apartment gives you the freedom to do anything to it. Maybe you don’t like the paint, or design of the kitchen. Well, it is obvious with your house; you can change it however you like.

Permanent home

People only get a chance to grow in life if they settle in houses like Bronx apartments.  Stability can only be achieved if you stay in a place for a longer period. Tenants who rent do it for a temporary period, maybe because they are always on the move. Buying a house enables you to blend into the community, form friendships, and let you children get an education.

Tax relief

If you decide to buy a house you will be lucky enough to get tax relief from the government. It is good to know that government has a soft spot for people buying houses by deducting the interest paid on the mortgage. At least financial strain will be lighter.

Source of security

Imagine that when you are renting a house, you are never sure when an eviction notice will arrive at your door step, for various reasons. In the process, you get confused and start an impromptu search for another apartment. Well, in your own home that can never happen if you pay everything.

Appreciates in value

Houses, unlike other forms of property, appreciate in value. Things might change in your direction, and you decide to sell your house in the future.  Maybe because you are moving to a different city. You sell it at a higher price than what you bought it for.


The money you could be spending every month on rent, can now go straight to your bank savings account. You have your apartment to yourself, and you can say goodbye to the landlord.




Why to choose Riverdale Bronx luxury apartments?


Riverdale is located in The Bronx, NY., an affluent and upper middle class residential neighborhood.

There are some famous mansions in Riverdale, like the modernist landmark Saul Victor house or Greyston and Alderbrook.

Why to choose Riverdale Bronx luxury apartments? Because, you will be chosing more than just an apartment, you will be chosing a wonderful city for your children to grow up with an excellent education, because you can find schools like the Bronx High School of Science or Jonh F. Kennedy High School.

Because you will be chosing a safe city to live in peace, a place with a lot of transportation like subway or metros.

And, of couse, don’t forget the luxurious amenities in your future at Riverdale Bronx luxury apartment like concierge, one-two or three bedroom apartments, studios and so much more!


Riverdale Bronx luxury apartments




Apartments for rent in Bronx: an opportunity


The Bronx is located in New York, USA. To the North of Manhattan and Queens and the south of Westchester County.

The Bronx is one of the most beautiful cities for living right now.
Although, it was the third most densely populated county in the USA, about one-fifth of the Bronx’s area is land area. It means a lot of open space and parks; so living in the Bronx isn’t just living in another city, it means relaxation as well.

Besides, there are a lot of shopping areas in the Bronx, so you can have everything close.

The most important of all are the apartments for rent in Bronx: Affordable and comfortable options to choose from.


Riverdale Bronx luxury apartment