The best no fee apartments in Manhattan, NYC.

Are you searching for the best apartments in NYC? Wish to move to a luxury residence where you can settle down and start a new life?

Best Apartment in NYC

Manhattan is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Millions of people will definitely love living in the Big Apple. If you are lucky enough to be one of its privileged residents, take a look at this list of the 5 NO FEE rentals in this exclusive borough.

  1. 240 Central Park South-Studio: top place in Manhattan!

Just take a look at this amazing, luxury studio located in one of the top neighborhoods of Manhattan.

With in building laundry, elevator, 24-hour doorman and private terraces, this renovated building is pet-friendly and comes with awesome outdoor areas. You can also enjoy its hardwood floors, dishwasher and microwave. It has stunning views of Central Park and is located in the heart of Columbus. A real must that combines top of the line luxury with convenience.

Rent your Midtown Manhattan no fee apartment for $3795 NO FEE!


  1. Towers on the Park-220 Manhattan Avenue. One bedroom and affordable!

At this quiet residential neighborhood you can find this one bedroom apartment at a very convenient price!

Own a cat? It´s welcome! You can also enjoy its amenities such as full time doorman, Live- In Super, On Street Parking and more!

Relax with its fabulous Central Park views, and enjoy all the utilities included…Yes! All of them!

Plenty of space for storage, sizable bathroom with great lighting, and a full size tub and shower.

A high quality apartment in Manhattan, with a great dining area and awesome views from the living room and bedroom. It is a high rise building located on the northwest corner of Central Park. Undoubtedly, a unique apartment you must see!

Get it for: $2495…NO FEE!


  1. The Stack- 4857 Broadway-2 bedroom apartment. When size matters!

In the heart of Inwood, you can find this beautiful unit featuring two bedrooms and two baths. Enjoy this one of a kind building which offers luxury living in a convenient location.

Spacious, with large windows, and beautiful floors it also comes with stainless steel appliances, bike storage and in building laundry! The full kitchen has plenty of cabinet space, and you can entertain yourself in the oversized living room.

If you own pets this is the perfect place for them, they are welcome, so take them for a walk to the beautiful Inwood Hill Park!

The Stack is strategically located near major subway lines and cool restaurants!

You can rent it for an excellent price! : $3095 NO FEE!

Take a look!


  1. 240 Central Park South-3 bed, 3 bath. Breathtaking ultra-luxury apartment!

Wow! This is what I call luxury! And this publication is only for connoisseurs!

At one of the best buildings in Manhattan, with a wrapped terrace offering unique Central Park views, we can find this three bed, three bath apartment that only demanding tenants can appreciate!

Relax and get a drink at the Rooftop Lounge, or appreciate the best views on its private terraces. This building, absolutely, has it all, and your apartment will turn into your real dream come true.

Top of the line appliances, three renovated spacious bedrooms, high ceilings and a burning fireplace are just a few of the amazing features we can find in this one of a kind apartment.

Rent your next home here and live like royalty!! Don´t think twice! Get it for $25000 NO FEE!


  1. 251 Lexington Avenue-Studio – when less is more. 

Planning to move by yourself, and searching for a beautiful affordable studio? This is it!

In the heart of Murray Hill, you can find this brand new studio with hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances. Renovated with a new kitchen and windows, this place is ready to move in now…with your pet!

Don´t miss it!  Rent it for $ 1995 NO FEE!


These are my top 5 favorite apartments to rent!     No matter if you are searching for no fee rental apartments in Midtown East, Downtown Manhattan or the neighborhood which suits you most. There is always the perfect residence waiting for you. Search, research, be persistent and at the end you´ll see the results!




Why it is important to find no-fee apartments in Midtown Manhattan to save money?

For a long time I´ve been searching for a bigger apartment located in Midtown NYC, but I must say I´m extremely stingy and thrifty so paying fees is not something I love doing.

no fee rental apartments uptown east

How to find no fee rental apartments uptown east?


I´ve been doing some research, and at the same time created a list for myself with questions and answers to find out how much money I could save, and which was the best way to find apartments without having to pay more. It doesn´t matter if you live in Midtown NYC or Uptown East, you must read this article if you want to know how to save money getting a no-fee apartment in Manhattan.

First of all, let´s start with the basic question:

What is a broker fee?

the best apartments in nyc

Some of the best apartments for rent in NYC are available with no-fee.


Most apartments in NYC are available through real estate brokers, and all of them will offer you the apartment you are searching for but…at a cost. That means you´ll, surely, get the apartment of your dreams, and an agent will find it for you but the question is…is it worth the cost? Usually, fees are too damn high and your pocket will  feel it! So it´s better to think twice before closing any deal.

What is a no fee rental?

Nyc apartment rentals

You will sleep better if you are saving money, right?


So this is the part I like most! As the words say, no fee rental means you can find an apartment and rent it without having to pay any fee. The problem with this is the hard job you are facing to get through all of the listings before you find it! Remember real estate agents find the apartments for you, this way you will have to find it yourself.  But if you are like me, not willing to pay a penny more, at the end its worth it!

How much is the usual fee you pay for an apartment around 4000 rent?

nyc rental apartment listings

There are some specific no-fee rental listing tools like First Service


I remember a few years ago, I saw this beautiful apartment and I was going to pay $4000 dollars a month! And believe me, I was not crazy ’cause it was worth its price. The problem was I didn´t want to rent it through a real estate broker because I was not willing to pay the fee. What happened next? Of course I lost it…but as part of my revenge I´ll let you know the amount of the fee they wanted to charge me so you never, EVER rent an apartment again through a real estate broker ( yes, I´m very bad!).  They wanted to charge me 12% of the annual rent, that is $ 5760 !! There´s no way I was going to pay that amount. Now, are you on my side?

How can you find no fee apartments?

no fee apartments in Manhattan, Uptown or Midtown

There are many ways to find an available no fee apartment for rent in Manhattan using your favorite gadget.


The best way is to work alongside the property management companies. After you find the building you like, speak to the manager and he will help you out, showing you the apartment without involving real estate brokers.

You can use this apartment search tool with the option “no-fee” selected to find no fee apartment rentals Midtown or Uptown Manhattan (recommended)  :

Another way is if you have a friend living in a building you like, you can ask him to let you know if an apartment is available. Or just take a tour through the city and try to see if you find signs posted about apartments for rent.

Remember to speak with your friends, coworkers and acquaintances, UNION MAKES FORCE!

How much can you save with a no fee apartment with a 3 year contract?

no fee apartments in Manhattan, Uptown or Midtown

Tip: use the money you save from the fee every 2 years for updating the apartment indoors.


Ok, the answer to this question was definitely what convinced me not to pay a fee when renting an apartment. Just figure out, like I said before, that if a real estate broker wants to charge you 12% of your annual rent and let´s say you budgeted 4K a month, that is $ 5760 X 3  years = $ 17280 ( WHAT???!), this means each month you´ll be paying not $ 4000 but $ 4480…now, ask yourself, are the apartments you are getting through a broker worth this price? Because remember, when you average out the cost of that fee over the year you are adding almost $500 to your rent. So answer the question, if I rent a no fee apartment, in this case I will save $17280 in three years and with that money, think how much shopping you could do!

As you can see, the best way is not to pay more when you can pay less! Make your money wortk for you, work hard trying to find the apartment of your dreams and for sure you´ll find it, you´ll get your reward and you´ll feel great knowing you did it by yourself!

I really hope this article was useful to you, ’cause it was to me!!! In a few days I´m moving to an apartment I love and the best of all I found it by myself!

Have a wonderful day and good luck!